Music and Self Talk

Music and Self Talk

To do self talk, that is, to talk to  self, you do not need any sophisticated mechanism. It is happening and it’s  happening all the time, inside your mind the way the sun is burning endlessly  giving off light all the time.

We all have constant conversations in our  minds. These conversations cannot be different from what we actually converse  with others around us. These conversations cannot be without background music  too or consequence in our life.

Yes, these inner conversations are also  not neutral like taste of water or harmonic musical in their oscillations. They  all are happing to give us hope, pain, love and myriads emotional  transformations.

Most of these inner level, the subs  conscious level thoughts and dialogues happen when we are normally alone not  crowded with daily mechanical rhythm of life, especially when we are unable to  comprehend the circumstances of life.

The silence becomes music of life,  existing in quite corner becomes the form of life. Being empty with thoughts  and unknown consequences becomes daily dose of musical melody. You love talking  to self with silence as background music.

Music plays definitely role in ringing  those bells in our life which were silence for some time and the moment we are  happy and achieved something in life.

The psychology of music impacts everyone  in different ways. If there is a big cinema hall and there are many people  listening to same tonal idiom, tempo, rhythm and number of notes the effect on  our inner thoughts will be unique from all their music preceptors sitting in  same hall.

People suffering from Down’s syndrome and  William syndrome can greatly benefit from music, especially children with  intellectual disabilities, because music works at the level of our inner self  where we talk and encourage or discourage ourselves to take on life.


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