Ronn Moss Music

The story of Ronn Moss music career starts when he was 11 years old. At this age he started learning guitar, electric bass and drums which helped him have a music career later. But let’s back up a bit Ronn Moss was born in 1952 on March 4th in Los Angeles, California. He went on as we stated to learn music at the tender age of 11. When Ronn was in high school he was in a series of bands, which played locally, as a vocalist and bass player. These bands would play at outdoor events on flatbed trucks. The very first band Ronn was named Punk Rock. When all the members were still underage this band play in night clubs and bars, which got them arrested a few times. They used such dramatics on stage as chain sawing mannequins.

Then in 1976 when was 24, as a bass player, Ronn Moss hooked up with J.C. Crowley and Peter Beckett with the band Player. He contributed to the background-vocal harmonies and played bass. Ronn sang the lead vocal in “Tryin to Write a Hit Song” which appeared on the self-titled album Player had. This album and another were recorded with RSO Records, which Robert Stigwood owned. It was Robert who suggested to Ronn that he should try his hand at acting.

For awhile though Ronn Moss music was where his thoughts were at though. Ronn did though keep acting in his mind as a backup. Then the music styles changed in the 1980s, which was 3 albums later along with a number of tours. With this change things slowed for Player.

This is when Ronn Moss decided to pursue acting and give music a rest for awhile. During his acting time, he landed the role of Ridge Forrester on the popular “The Bold and the Beautiful” which still does today.

After some eight years away Ronn got back together with Peter Beckett from Player, and began working in his studio at home on new songs for his Ronn Moss music efforts. This resulted in another Player album the 5th one to be exact being released. It was named Electric Shadows in Europe and renamed Lost in Reality in America. Peter and ronn moss shared the lead-vocal spot on this effort. This proved that Ronn definitely was meant to sing smooth-melodic songs.

Then Ron in 2000 recorded a solo CD for the first time. It was “I’m Your Man” and had 13 songs that were heart-tugging melodies. He was wildly popular in Australia and went to Europe also on a tour. In 2008, a new album called “Live & Direct” by Player was released along with a tour.

Today, he is still making Ronn Moss music with Player. He is also still doing his role with “The Bold and the Beautiful” too. He will always be known for his good looks, charm and melodic voice. He is a fine musician and an engaging actor which people enjoying listening to and watching.

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