Technology In Music

If you will observe your surroundings, many people are engage with different high technology gadgets and most of the time people tend to use these gadgets in every day of their lives. Technology changes a lot, which is why people should be aware of the latest trend in technology today.

We all know that many of us do love listening in music and a lot of time, before we use to have phonograph cylinder as medium in playing our favorite music and after some years they have developed cassette tape where they also started broadcasting musing on the radio.

Years have passed and technologies have develop the medium where we can enjoy listening to music in a better way, this is the time when digital age have conquered music industry and have use compact disc to play music in its convenient way, unlike with cassette tape, we have to scan every music that is recorded on the tape if we are looking for a specific music that we like to listen. And with compact disc we can easily pick and play music that we like as long as we pick the track number on the disc.

But changes never stop with compact disc, and in using the digital technology they have come up with a better way to compile music in to a more exciting way. Today there different way where we can listen music, there are lots of audio file being made today, this is usually being use to improve the quality of the audio and also required to different media being use to play music. But as of today, mp3 is the most known audio file that we used to have in our computer, music player and other electronic gadget. There are also programs being made to convert different audio file in the kind of file that you want in able for you to play music.

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Music Forum Ireland

Then its simple you should wake up every day jump out of bed and smile with the exception of Mondays and maybe Tuesdays and Wednesdays actually forget the mornings you are talented and you need your creative sleep.

So what if your not an Ireland iRocker yet, Maybe your a Finglas, Dundrum or even just a Mirror iRocker at this stage.

We are here to tell you if you have the passion and the love for your skill, then regardless of age or weight in my case you have the requirements to walk up to anybody and say

The Music Forum Ireland is an independent voluntary umbrella body founded in 1999 to represent organisations and individuals in the fields of traditional, classical, contemporary, rock, popular and jazz music. The Forum’s aims are to create an active network of those interested in music in Ireland, to give a voice to music in Ireland and to influence action in support of it.

As far as the instruments in ancient Greece, three appear to be the most important and widespread: the aulos, lyre, and kithara. The Greeks also used harps, plucked string instruments, panpipes, horns, and an early form of an organ, as well as an assortment of percussion instruments.

Mesopotamia, the general area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was the land where civilization began. This region was home to several of the most significant early civilizations, including the Sumerians, the very first. Because this is where the first true cities and writing began, this is where the first detailed records of instrumental music can be found.

The comedy/lyrical genre singer/songwriters from London, consisting of Ashley Horne, Stefan Abingdon and Dru Wakely reached their present level of notoriety/celebrity after their parody on Youtube of Ke$ ha’s ‘TiK ToK’. Having had (understandably – it was pure genius) more than 7 million hits on that particular song, gave them the confidence in their already existing fan base to start producing more and more parodies, mixed in with the occasional original ditty. They have now started hitting the mainstream, with their debut single ‘Booty Call’ being played on Radio 1, and having made appearances at the Reading festival.

The subject area of music is both an interesting one and large one. It could focus around a certain genre, learning to play an instrument or how to mix and produce your own music. There is a lot to learn when it comes to these areas of music as well as many more areas concerned with the subject of music. To help you understand and find out about various things concerned with music have a browse through our music based articles here at Article Alley.

All of these articles are free for you to use so take advantage of what we have to offer to you and remember our database of articles is updated on a daily basis so you will always be presented with fresh new content to look over. Also if you write music articles why not submit them to us? Here at Article Alley our database is yours to use as you want and need so start using it today.

I am Mohan read mathematics at Stanford and remained there for his MS. From 1998-1999 on researched in Evolution and in Animal Behavior in  Camrbidge, UK. I was was then a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Biology, New Jersy College, USA. Now teaches at the department of Zoology. Carried out research in several areas of evolutionary biology, particularly in sexual selection and the comparative method.

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Kesha and good music

Everyone that’s around the radio at least once per week will certainly be aware of the songs Kesha has produced and released. When it comes to her first album, “Animal”, it wasn’t only a hit album that made it into higher tier instantly, but it is also an album that is full of emotional impact, an album that touches the deepest parts of your mind and slowly changes you to becoming a better and understanding person. The date when the album was released is not too far away, the album reaching the shelves on July 13th 2010. The genre of the album is dance pop, but it also features other elements like electro pop and electro and of course, some wonderful beats.

The general theme of the album revolves around the outcome of past life and in it Kesha talks about her life experiences, how they changed her, about love, heartbreaks, funny times and boys. Out of the 4 singles that were released for this album, the single “Take it off” is one of them. When the album was released in the United States, it reached the Billboard 200 immediately, for it had massive sales in the first month, going up to over one hundred and fifty two thousand copies in January 2010. Kesha thus was the 1st pop artist that has furiously made it to the top spot with both her album & single.

When the “Take it off” video was released, the music industry was in for a very big surprise and it was just witnessing history in the making with the birth of a new talented star that promises to change many things in it. The video was intelligently shot and it features a perfect mix of crescendo & electro infused beats.

The ones that have taken the task of having the video filmed are none other than directors Dori Oskowitz & Paul Hunter. They said that the video is about all of Kesha’s friends and her of course. In it, they are breaking into a hotel from a distant planet and in the end, they just poof away into the stardust.

You might think that “Take it off” has a sexual connotation right there, but it actually refers to removing all of your inhibitions and getting rid of everything that makes you not what you want to be and feel like being from the bottom of your heart. It is no doubt that Kesha has really hit the jackpot with her new album and this amazing video, as it is still receiving a lot of praises worldwide.



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Music Competitions

Entering these types of music competitions is generally quite a straightforward process. For instance, for the latest Ministry of Sound contest, all potential winners need to do is purchase the brand Ministry of Sound Annual 2011 – which is no doubt a must have for any established fan of the group. The prize includes two Ministry of Sound T-shirts, Ministry of Sound branded Skullcandy headphones, and two tickets – one for the winner and one for a friend or date – to an as of yet undecided 2011 Ministry of Sound event. Altogether, it’s quite the impressive package, and for fans of Ministry of Sound, an opportune chance to win some great merchandise, not to mention a fun filled evening at a great concert by way of a double pass.

Another great competition currently open to the public is the Stereosonic 2010 contest. Again, the rules for entering as a contestant are almost laughably simple – all you need to do is buy a CD, or even just a single track, by either Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, Wiley, Tiesto, or Robyn. The competition, having opened at the tail end of October, will be closing on the twenty first of November, so for eager contestants, it is important to sign up before the month of November is out! Winners receive concert tickets and a free Stereosonic T-shirt.

Yet another contest in the same vein is the Summberbeatz music competition, where the winner gets to receive a double pass to Summerbeatz in the state of his or her choice – presumably the winner’s home state – as well as a chance to spend some time with an international music superstar. Contestants enter by purchasing anything by Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, Stan Walker, Jay Sean, or Travie McCoy.

Some contests are hosted by newcomers to the music scene who have previous experience and an established reputation in the broader world of international entertainment. In the past, Erika, the beloved Australian model turned singer, for instance, had opened a contest to celebrate her debut album, which showcases her varied talents as both a singer and a songwriter. This multi-talented star’s promotional competition very generously offered a thousand dollars to spend at a Westfield shopping centre, a day during which she agreed to style the lucky winner personally, a night’s worth of accommodation in a three star or better hotel in the lovely Australian city of Sydney, and full reimbursement for all travel expenses both to and from Sydney. Additional rewards for runners-up included five signed and block mounted posters of Erika herself.

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Top Music Soundtracks

Recently released and widely acclaimed film “Eat, Pray, Love” is just one example of a film with a wonderful soundtrack. Based on the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert and co-written and directed by Ryan Murphy, this hit movie features a soundtrack made up of a unique blend of sounds and artists. Trailers for the film popularised Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over,” One Republic’s “Good Life,” and The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition.” As for the film’s original score, veteran composer Dario Marianelli was responsible for putting together a stunning background to the events of the film.

Proving that movies with popular soundtracks don’t fit any single mold, Disney’s tween favourite television series “Hannah Montana,” not to mention the spinoff movie – which itself spawned a number of sequels – has also produced a best-selling score. This is due in large part to the tween idol playing the central role of the film – the young actress and pop sensation Miley Cyrus, who plays, fittingly enough, a famous pop singer leading a double life. For the various soundtracks to the series and accompanying films, much of the music is sung by Cyrus herself, capitalising on her popularity as both actress and singer.

Of course, it’s not only the recent releases that have topped the charts in terms of soundtrack quality. Plenty of soundtracks to classic movies are in themselves considered timeless. According to Entertainment Weekly, one of the greatest soundtracks of all time – if not THE greatest soundtrack of all time, full stop – belongs to none other than the 1964 hit “A Hard Day’s Night,” featuring – of course – the Beatles. Other classic film soundtracks include “The Sound of Music,” featuring the unmatched, pure soprano of Julie Andrews and the compositions of Broadway mega hit producers Rodgers and Hammerstein, the chilling Alfred Hitchcock thriller “Psycho” whose assigned composer Bernard Herrmann popularised the use of those famous shrieking violins for mounting suspense sequences, and “The Wizard of Oz,” which features a score that has long been ingrained into public American culture – particularly “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” originally sung and popularised by one Miss Judy Garland, and more recently covered by various modern day artists.

Clearly, top rated soundtracks can feature quite the diverse array of sounds, genres, and artists! From suspense heightening horror to sweeping orchestral movements popularised by epic adventure films to classic Broadway sounds, music fills our collective consciousness every bit as much as the films they’re composed for.

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About Country Music

For a very long time in the 21st century, country music just plays a small role in the pop music. Not long after the second war ended, some of the new radio stations in village are mainly in country music. And they often play the regional advertising for their brief prelude.  


In the 30’s of the 20th century, the status of country music has been consolidated in pop music mainstream. There are many kinds of music performance of country music, which includes folk dance, black Bruce and religious songs. This is probably due to the large population of factories and army rushing into urban, which made this homesickness, has unique attraction.


In the middle of the 1950s, two different style of music has predominated in country music. The southern country adopted the form of the unrestrained music form. Folk music in Southeast has little form of country. It is accurately clarified, whispered and the stress is strong. Therefore, there exists rock music. 


Among Jimmie Rodgers’ mixed style, Carter’s traditional style and Vernon Dalhart’s pop music, they create a new music style, which is named as country music.


Any discussion about 1990’s country music needs to be talked from Garth Brooks. His album is the best-selling after country music was born. He also held a concert which has the style of country music.


The people in 1990s are a generation who are affected by rock music. Undoubtedly, country music was affected at that time. Today’s rural radios alternately play the traditional country music and modern country.


This decade is considered as the climax of country music, but it is not the same as the “Urban Cowboy” in 1980s in that age. The country music in 1990s seems develops stably. When rock music invades most of the radios, the rural radios are united together to fight back rock music. According to an association, there are about 285 broadcast stations will thrust country music in sports and interview programs. 


Nokia Xpress Music 5800

The Nokia Xpress Music 5800 is the very smart music touch screen phone. It looks very nice and impressive as it has come with modern design and functions. At present, there is a huge demand of touch screen mobile phone so to meet the huge demand Nokia has launched this modern touch screen version. It has not only touch screen device, it also comes with so many exciting features

Icon and buttons of Nokia Xpress Music 5800 is very much user-friendly. Both icon and button are in larger size. It has optimized interface. You can easily enter into the menu, which is on the top of the screen by the help of touch sensitive button. When you will touch the icon on the screen, you will feel vibration as feedback of your operation.

The Nokia Xpress Music 5800 handset has very modern keypad, which includes alpha numeric keypad and QWERTY keypad (full and mini). The screen also support for handwriting recognition and Chinese handwriting.

You will get very accurate handwriting recognition features in this handset. You can use touch keypad for your typing. You can use full screen landscape QWERTY version of keypad in the touch screen. By this keypad you can easily type long email or message. The alphanumeric keypad you will get in the portrait version.

The screen of the Nokia Xpress Music 5800 is large in 3.2 inches. For sharp image it has 640×360 pixels high resolution. You will be glad to see the displays which display 3D color images. For automatic screen rotation you will get a new feature called accelerometer.

As the LCD screen has a dual surface, you may not get the nice experience to watch movies in the mobile screen. You may not get nice lighting effect, which you get in the monitor or TV screen.

The Nokia Xpress Music 5800 has very nice voice recognition facility. You can dial through voice command. In the list you can keep four contacts of your best friend to communicate with them with a simple finger touch. You can share your happy moment with your friends by sending pictures and messages.

With all touches functions, you will get touch web browser. It has zoom facilities. You can zoom the browser pages by the touch of your fingers. You can get fabulous experience while browsing web page as it gives very nice quality images.

You will get high quality games, which are built in very nice graphics system. From multimedia panel, you will get so many features like music gallery, video center, share online and web browser. With powerful features the Nokia Xpress Music 5800 is competing with I phones. It is indeed a great introduction in the Nokia series as it is the first touch screen mobile handset.

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Music in Christian Worship

Copyright (c) 2010 Robert Hinchliffe

The history of music in Christian worship is a substantial one which can trace its origins all the way back to pre-Christian times in the Old Testament. In those very early days we read of the Jewish people singing, playing instrumental music and even dancing. Such activity was widely used as a means of expressing faith. Music played an important role in many acts of celebration and worship. It was into that society that Jesus was born.

Over the two thousand years since Christ’s life the use of music in Christian worship has gone through many phases and many musical idioms. It is really over the second of those two thousand years that church music, as we know it today, has developed.

One of the most important events in the whole of the world of music came about through the work of a Benedictine monk, Guido of Arrezzo who lived from about 995 to 1050. He didn’t actually ‘invent’ staff notation but he perfected it, completing the evolution of the earlier neumes into plainsong script, which was the forerunner of what we know today as ‘tonic-solfa’. All music had previously been passed down by aural tradition so the facility to write down music for others to read and perform was a massive step forward. Almost all musical expression since that time has come as a direct result of that development.

From that time on, composers were able to create substantial works for use in worship. This early church music was written to form the framework of an act of worship. The music was performed primarily by professional musicians attached to the church and was not for congregation participation. Composers did eventually begin to incorporate chorales (hymns) into the liturgy which gave the congregation the opportunity to join in at certain points in the service.

Many of the greatest composers over the centuries have added their voices to the ever growing repertoire of great church music. Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and many others have given us masterpieces adding to the wealth of music in Christian worship. We tend to know many of these works today through concert performances, forgetting that many were originally created as liturgical pieces for use in church services.

At times of spiritual revival (the Protestant Reformation, the missions of Moody & Sankey, the evangelical energy which led to the founding of Methodism and the Salvation Army, etc.) there was a burst of hymn writing surrounding these events. These highly creative times in church music led to the appearance of many of the greatest and most popular congregational hymns of all. The hymns from these eras of church history have stood the test of time and are still to be heard today in even the most contemporary of worship situations.

Over the last 50 years worship music has gone through a whole new phase of development. Since the early 1960’s composers of church music have gained much inspiration from the popular music of their day. We now regularly encounter worship bands accompanying church singing rather than the traditional organ. More and more, we hear the term “worship song” rather than the word “hymn” and congregations are becoming much more attuned to worship music in a popular contemporary idiom. This can be a contentious issue at times but it is important that all Christians have the right to express their faith in a manner which suits them. Many churches are coping with this by having both traditional worship and contemporary worship on a Sunday.

So, music in Christian worship continues to develop and change. We now have a massive repertoire of music in many, many different styles and idioms to choose from. At all costs, we must avoid the blinkered view of focusing on music of one idiom and ignoring the rest. Every generation adds to the rich tapestry of worship music we have available to us.

Robert Hinchliffe is a professional musician and Methodist local preacher. This article is a result of his recent research into the history and development of music in Christian worship. Would you like to know more about his research? If so please visit and find out how you can access a FREE copy of Robert’s contemporary Christmas song, “The Greatest Gift”.

Music and Self Talk

Music and Self Talk

To do self talk, that is, to talk to  self, you do not need any sophisticated mechanism. It is happening and it’s  happening all the time, inside your mind the way the sun is burning endlessly  giving off light all the time.

We all have constant conversations in our  minds. These conversations cannot be different from what we actually converse  with others around us. These conversations cannot be without background music  too or consequence in our life.

Yes, these inner conversations are also  not neutral like taste of water or harmonic musical in their oscillations. They  all are happing to give us hope, pain, love and myriads emotional  transformations.

Most of these inner level, the subs  conscious level thoughts and dialogues happen when we are normally alone not  crowded with daily mechanical rhythm of life, especially when we are unable to  comprehend the circumstances of life.

The silence becomes music of life,  existing in quite corner becomes the form of life. Being empty with thoughts  and unknown consequences becomes daily dose of musical melody. You love talking  to self with silence as background music.

Music plays definitely role in ringing  those bells in our life which were silence for some time and the moment we are  happy and achieved something in life.

The psychology of music impacts everyone  in different ways. If there is a big cinema hall and there are many people  listening to same tonal idiom, tempo, rhythm and number of notes the effect on  our inner thoughts will be unique from all their music preceptors sitting in  same hall.

People suffering from Down’s syndrome and  William syndrome can greatly benefit from music, especially children with  intellectual disabilities, because music works at the level of our inner self  where we talk and encourage or discourage ourselves to take on life.


Alvin, J., Music for the Handicapped  Child, Oxford University Press, London, 1976

Schalkwijk, F. W., Music and People with  Developmental Disabilities: Music Therapy, Remedial Music Making and Musical  Activities, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 1994

Streeter, E., Making Music with the Young  Child with Special Needs: A Guide for Parents, Jessica Kingsley Publishers,  London, 1993


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Music In Prague

The first time we went to Prague it was to see the city and its history, but music in Prague is part of the fabric of the city. I remember saying I had never seen a city where everyone seemed to be walking around with a musical instrument of some type under their arm.

The first thing we did when we got to Prague wasn’t to go and see the Charles Bridge or the Castle… it was to go to an opera…. and that’s what we suggest to all of our friends.

Whoa… wait a minute, you’re saying. “I’m not an opera buff.” We’re not either, and we don’t usually go looking for musical performances when we travel, but music in Prague just called out to us.

Back to that opera… We went to see “Don Giovanni” in the Estates Theatre Prague. This jewel box of a theater opened in 1783. This is the theater where Mozart himself conducted the world premiere of his opera Don Giovanni in 1788, back when the theater was called the Nostiz Theatre. The building was beautifully restored for the movie Amadeus. According to their website, this is the only theater in the world that is still in its original condition.

To see Don Giovanni performed in the Estate Theatre is to share in history as well as sharing great music. Whether you’re an opera buff or not, it’s a fun experience. We were lucky to get great seats for a matinee on the day of the performance…, but if your time in Prague is short, you might want to buy tickets ahead of time online.

If you want your opera in a really different setting, you could see one at the National Marionette Theater or a handful of other puppet theaters.

It seemed like there were several inexpensive concerts every evening. Many churches had concerts, and there are several concert halls. If you love classical music, you’ve got to get to Prague. There are concerts with the “best of” classical pieces, so even if you’re not “into” classical music, you’ll hear music that you’re familiar with. You can hear organ concerts, chamber music concerts, or full orchestras.

There are concerts with show tunes and popular music too. They are not long drawn out affairs. They are about hour-long concerts for reasonable prices and a great way to spend an evening before you go for an evening stroll in the old town or on the Charles Bridge.

In the summer there are concerts on the steps of the National Museum and some of the gardens.

There are even musical groups on the corners and in the squares, livening up the afternoon and early evenings for a few euros or dollars in donations.

There also seem to be many small jazz clubs and music clubs scattered around the city.

The biggest annual musical event is the Prague Spring International Music Festival. It includes musical artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles from all over the world. For an event like that, you should probably by your tickets in advance.

It’s like we said at the beginning… music in Prague seems to be everywhere… so why not enjoy it.

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Ipod Music Players

If you enjoy listening to music then you will understand how important it is to buy the right product so that you can get the best sounds. IPod music players are becoming very popular and more people are choosing to purchase these rather than other styles. There are many different brands and styles of these IPod players to choose from and which one you choose will depend on your needs and budget. You should research them all well before hand to ensure that you know what you are buying and if it will suit your needs.

IPod player’s suit all ages as you can store a large amount of music on them and this is just one of the reasons that they have become so popular. They are a pocket sized music device which enables you to store music on in a very similar way to a hard drive. The design of the iPod music players is very simple to use and even very small children can use the device with ease. The basic interface means that you can scroll through the options and menu’s easily and chooses what you want to listen to within minutes.

The iPod players come with an inbuilt memory so that unlike other portable music devices the IPod does not need any other products such as a CD to work. The iPod music players are fun to own and use and are very practical and of course they look great. You can have them in many different colors which is ideal if you like your gadgets to be fun and funky. The IPod players are miles ahead of the other type of MP3’s not only in the size of the memory but also in terms of style and design.

The sound quality on the IPod players is far better than any other music device and you will love listening to your favorite tunes at any time of day and night. As the designs for the IPod players get smaller the quality is still there. Although you may think the storage space will decrease you will be amazed that they still hold the same amount as the larger models.

When it comes down to the final decision of what music device to get the IPod music players are the best in their field. They offer you the most storage, with great sound quality in great bright and modern colors you will also find the affordable and the battery life is fantastic. Although you should always shop around before purchasing anything you will hard pushed to find something of such great quality in the same price bracket.

You can find IPod players in many stores and online and they are easy to purchase, if you have any issues or concerns with your new purchase then Apple are on hand to help. When you purchase your iPod music players all of the software that you will need comes supplied and you will find it easy to install and use on your PC. You can easily upload music as and when you need to update the iPod music players. offers high quality, affordable ipod music players that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

Ronn Moss Music

The story of Ronn Moss music career starts when he was 11 years old. At this age he started learning guitar, electric bass and drums which helped him have a music career later. But let’s back up a bit Ronn Moss was born in 1952 on March 4th in Los Angeles, California. He went on as we stated to learn music at the tender age of 11. When Ronn was in high school he was in a series of bands, which played locally, as a vocalist and bass player. These bands would play at outdoor events on flatbed trucks. The very first band Ronn was named Punk Rock. When all the members were still underage this band play in night clubs and bars, which got them arrested a few times. They used such dramatics on stage as chain sawing mannequins.

Then in 1976 when was 24, as a bass player, Ronn Moss hooked up with J.C. Crowley and Peter Beckett with the band Player. He contributed to the background-vocal harmonies and played bass. Ronn sang the lead vocal in “Tryin to Write a Hit Song” which appeared on the self-titled album Player had. This album and another were recorded with RSO Records, which Robert Stigwood owned. It was Robert who suggested to Ronn that he should try his hand at acting.

For awhile though Ronn Moss music was where his thoughts were at though. Ronn did though keep acting in his mind as a backup. Then the music styles changed in the 1980s, which was 3 albums later along with a number of tours. With this change things slowed for Player.

This is when Ronn Moss decided to pursue acting and give music a rest for awhile. During his acting time, he landed the role of Ridge Forrester on the popular “The Bold and the Beautiful” which still does today.

After some eight years away Ronn got back together with Peter Beckett from Player, and began working in his studio at home on new songs for his Ronn Moss music efforts. This resulted in another Player album the 5th one to be exact being released. It was named Electric Shadows in Europe and renamed Lost in Reality in America. Peter and ronn moss shared the lead-vocal spot on this effort. This proved that Ronn definitely was meant to sing smooth-melodic songs.

Then Ron in 2000 recorded a solo CD for the first time. It was “I’m Your Man” and had 13 songs that were heart-tugging melodies. He was wildly popular in Australia and went to Europe also on a tour. In 2008, a new album called “Live & Direct” by Player was released along with a tour.

Today, he is still making Ronn Moss music with Player. He is also still doing his role with “The Bold and the Beautiful” too. He will always be known for his good looks, charm and melodic voice. He is a fine musician and an engaging actor which people enjoying listening to and watching.

Devronn.Com is an eye opening experience of people who are truly giving back. We take you on a spiritual inspiration journey into Ronn Moss music and Devin DeVasquez lives through sharing their keys to happiness.

Weight Lifting Music

The concept is fresh, and while you may have heard of people talking about what type of music they listen to while lifting weights, this is the first time that music has been specifically and strategically created for listening to while lifting weights.

As a person who loves to go to the gym and throw around big weights myself, I have been frustrated many times with the poor choice of music being played by the “gym dj” at my local workout gym. Sure, there have been plenty of workout music releases over the years as people have learned the benefits that music can have on your workout, but the problem is that these workout songs are usually more oriented for cardio or step aerobics.

I had not really heard of a specific genre of weight lifting music, so I decided to use my skills as a music composer and create it.

This was because I and my friends did notice a difference in our focus and strength when we listened to certain types of music while lifting weights. So as I began developing a genre of weight lifting music, I tried to keep in mind the elements that caused certain types of music to improve our strength, focus, and motivation in the gym.

Standard workout music works well for aerobics, cardio, and dance aerobics. It is fast paced, and has a “happy” vibe to it.

But when you are trying to get in the mindset to pick up and push heavy weights, I find that it is better to be in an aggressive state of being ready to rip someone’s head off. You can channel this energy into pushing the big weights, and spend all the energy that you did not even realize you had.

My goal was to make weight lifting music that could be effective whether it had words to it or not.

Have you ever noticed the type of music that plays in certain movies such as Rocky, or a movie where the underdog has to gain the courage and motivation to overcome the most extreme challenge?

The most notable parts of these music scores are effective whether they have lyrics or are purely instrumental.

So I felt that weight lifting music should get your blood pumping and give you an adrenaline rush. It has been proven that when a normal human being has adrenaline running through their veins, they can accomplish amazing feats of strength that they otherwise would not be able to accomplish under normal circumstances.

Adrenaline can be inspired through emotions, and emotions can be inspired and affected by music. So for weight lifting music to really be effective, it should be created in a way that inspires the emotions to signal the brain to produce adrenaline.

This is the ‘background theory’ to my approach of creating this workout music made specifically for listening to while lifting weights.

By the time you finish your workout, you will most likely have spent all of your energy, and will be ready to go home and get in the bed. If I can get you to put up more weight and be ready for bed after your workout, then my weight lifting music has done its job.

I am still tweaking and developing this, so I invite everyone to test it out and see just how effective this can be. If standard workout music can work for aerobics classes, then weight lifting music should be effective in helping you make your next workout your best workout.

Visit and download 100% pure, adrenaline pumping weight lifting music made specifically to take your next muscle building workout to the max. Test it out and let me know just how great your next weight lifting workout is! Weight Lifting Music by was created by Aaron B, also known as Aaron B the Composer.

Choosing Salsa Music

Looking for the right salsa music is easy once youve been exposed to salsa beats long enough. But if you want to groove to the salsa rhythms, here are some recommended CDs that will have you dancing for days!

SALSA FRESCA This is an excellent CD for those who love to dance salsa, not just listen to it. This compilation CD have you grooving salsa style all night long. Its inviting rhythmic beats are particularly good for those who love to Mambo. This CD is even a keeper for non-dancers. A must have for your CD collection!
TONY VEGA GREATEST HITS Tony Vegas has charm and Latin gentleman appeal that can be heard in his music. His musical style appeals to everyone. It is smoothe and romantic yet energetic and upbeat This is an unmatched collection of Tony Vega hits from 1989-1994. His songs are infused with romantic tones and sensuous Cuban Mambo and Puerto Rican Salsa style beats.
Rough Guide: Salsa Dance ~ various artists A huge selection of musical compilations put out under the Rough Series. Rough Guide: Salsa Dance is one of the hotter Latin music themed albums to be released to date.
Rough Guide: Salsa Dance vol. 2 ~ various artists An upbeat album that will have you dancing the instant you hear it! This album is sizzling HOT. You wont stop dancing because the music is electrifying!
Ultra Mix: The Best of Salsa This is a must-have CD for any salsa. Some say its best suited for listening, while others are convinced its one of the best compilation discs for salsa dancing. Go to your local music store of check it out online. Youll be glad you did.
These CD selections are a great way to begin your salsa music collections. However, some other great tips to finding great salsa CDs is by listening to local radio shows that feature Latin American, Cuban and Afro beats. Most likely youll also be able to hear some salsa beats youve never heard before. Listening to these types of radio shows exposes you to the different sounds and usually makes mention of the artists that are being played. This will make your shopping experience so much easier.
Also consider checking out your local salsa dance bar or salsa dance studio. The DJ or dance instructor would be happy to tell you what albums and / or songs they are playing.

Check out your local music store or go online to find the above mentioned CDs. I guarantee your neighbors will be banging on your door wanting to know what it is you a re playing. These salsa CDs are that good!

Happy Shopping! Oh, but dont forget to check out where youll hear the above mentioned artists and more. But you will also get the best salsa dance training available. Dont forget to check it out!

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Country music

Music is very relaxing. After a day of studying hard, it is fun to listen to some music at home. You can even play a musical instrument for a while. Music relieves the tension caused by the problems of a long day of work. Music can cheer you up when you are sad.


There are many different types of music such as classical, popular, country, western and jazz. For example, country music features simple themes and melodies describing day-to-day situations and the feelings of country people. Many people appreciate this kind of music because of the emotions expressed in these songs. Some songs become popular all over the world.


Country music is a blend of popular musical forms originally found in the Southern United States and the Appalachian Mountains. It has roots in traditional folk music, Celtic music, gospel music, and old-time music and evolved rapidly in the 1920s.The term country music began to be used in the 1940s when the earlier term hillbilly music was deemed to be degrading, and the term was widely embraced in the 1970s, while country and western has declined in use since that time, except in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is still commonly used.


The beginnings of art music in England can be traced to plainsong (plainchant). With the aid of monks and troubadours traveling throughout Europe, musical forms of many regions were freely intermingled and spread quickly. In the 16th and 17th centuries, England produced many notable composers, among them John Dowland, Thomas Morley, Thomas Tallis, and, perhaps greatest of all, William Byrd. The musical stature of the Baroque composers Henry Purcell and George Frideric Handel remains unquestioned. Music in England reached another peak in the late 19th century, when comic opera attained near perfection in the work of William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Later significant composers include Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst, William Walton, and Benjamin Britten.


I do enjoy music very much. I find that listening to a soloist playing and singing is an exciting experience. Whenever you feel sad, you can just turn on the radio and listen to some music. Nothing beats music when it comes to cheering someone up. Whenever you hear music, you can see people smiling and tapping their feet along with the beat.

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Childs Choir Music

I once had a friend that wanted to help out any way that she could at her church. Let’s just say that it didn’t take anyone in the church long to realize that they had hit pay dirt. They called her in and asked her if she would be in charge of one of the most important positions in the church – Director of Childs Choir Music. How could she refuse? After all this was one of the most important positions, and how hard could it be to get children to sing songs.

Her duties, she found, including setting up their first choir fundraiser and helping with all aspects of choir including song selection and recruiting. As in many cases the job of the volunteer can cover many different areas that are not anticipated. When it comes to choir, though, there are so many fun things to do to make it enjoyable for the kids.

After all, they naturally sing songs. (By the way, did I mention that my friend was not married and does not have kids)? After my friend researched the idea of childs choir music, she began to realize that she may have bitten off more than she could chew. First of all, the easy part was recruiting children and scheduling practices. That didn’t seem too hard, just make an announcement in church and place an ad in the bulletin announcing the times and dates of practice.

Once she had some willing participants, she started to look at some songs that were appropriate for the kids. This started to get a bit more difficult, because she didn’t have any musical training! She couldn’t read a sheet of music. This is where I came in and offered to help her find something suitable. Not the simple, Jesus Loves Me, or This Little Light of Mine, but something that can show off the kids musical talents. We settled on Gladsome Light. Did I mention that I did not have any kids either? Anyway, after a few practices, of going through the music with the kids, we became a bit frustrated. First of all, the kids couldn’t read. I forgot, four years olds are not able to read anything! After we had them memorize the words, they couldn’t remember the melody. With a scheduled performance looming on the horizon, we bribed them with anything that made sense, stickers, toys, candy etc. Still to know avail- it sounded like a train wreck in the middle of the night. We thought about having them lip sync, but we thought that might be a bit unethical for church. So what did we do, we had them sing Jesus Loves me and This Little Light of Mine.

So the moral of this story is that when you volunteer for something, make sure that you have a friend that is smart enough to talk you out of it. Or understand that there might be more to the job than you first expected so keep your eyes wide open when raising your hand.

Howard Gottlieb, President of Easy Fundraising Ideas. We offer great church fundraising ideas.

News In Music

Several awards, competitions festivals see many new releases that are in some way to cheer the bad season looming. As for the music there are many new discs out that surely warm their cold winter days. New attractions but also many unexpected and welcome return, so numerous that sometimes you need to rely on websites, magazines or blogs and documented specific music always updated on new releases and initiatives that go into being.

There are three main expected returns: Take That, Skunk Anansie and All Saints, three return marking the reunion of three historical groups that have marked, albeit in three completely different ways, the history of music of the 90s.

Take That, boy band born in the first half of the 90s that sold 35 million records worldwide, after album which lacked the presence of the historic member Robbie Williams, the only one of five have had a global success as a soloist, will return with an album.Announced in the spring of 2010 the return of Williams’s new album does not have a firm date for release during autumn 2010 but certainly we listen to new tracks and in the spring of 2011 to attend the concert as it is in anticipation of a world tour promotion thereof.

Skunk Anansie, core group of the 90s rock scene, after several solo albums of frontwoman Skin has returned to record an album that blend alternative rock and personality of the typical British band. Anticipated by the single “My ugly boy”, passed by all Italian radio also, the new album due out September 21, 2010 will be entitled “Wonderlustre. They too will accompany the album release with a world tour that will present the new work and resurface the original lineup in all its grit and passion.

Is rather unexpected and almost unexpected return with a Greatest Hits of All Saints. Girl group in the wake of the success of the Spice Girls, this group of English singers had been able to win a special place in pop soul scene in the late ’90s when he announced, following internal misunderstandings, the melting peak of their success. After several solo attempts as the four band members have announced a reunion album for release next September 20th which will be titled “Pure Shores: The Very Best of All Saints.”

There are also numerous other musical outlets both in the rock scene in that global and national pop like Phil Collins, Lady Gaga and its highly anticipated “Born This Way”, the Kings of Leon and David Guetta. Do is keep up with the media and choose among the various proposals, one that attracts us and interests us most.

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Dance Music Vinyl

If you are a follower of music then you’ll probably notice that music trends are changing. In fact it is likely to be something that you have noticed even if you are not a fan of music. I am sure we are all well aware of the fact that even the way we get our music these days is far different to what it was even a few years ago.

Music these days is very much about downloads. Bands put their music out online and people can download it instantly. We still get CD’s in store, but downloads and their popularity is steadily increasing.

That said there are still some hard-core music fans that like the real thing, such as collecting dance music vinyl. Music is still pressed on vinyl for certain tracks and genres and dance music vinyl is probably one of the most popular.

Of course it is not just new dance music vinyl that they are after. Many retro vinyl presses are collectable and hard to find. If you are a music collector then it stands to reason that you’ll want to make sure that you have the music tracks you are after on every format possible. This is why for many people vinyl still remains extremely popular.

However I am sure you are all aware that vinyl is not exactly well stocked in many high streets because it is more of a specialist product. In fact if you are looking for older and rarer pressings then you’ll be even more hard pushed to find what you are looking for.

Looking online is probably the best place to start because you can search from all over. This means that you are not limited to just local suppliers which of course limits your choice. By using the internet you can buy from people all over the world, which makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

There are specific online stores that deal in rare dance music vinyl. If you browse through these you have a high chance of finding what you are after. are specialist suppliers of Dance Music Vinyl . We have a range of music to suit your exact tastes; visit our site for more information.

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Adhunik Singer in Kolkata is Making Marks in Bengal Music Genre

You can call a transformational change that the current Bengal music industry is undergoing. It’s a welcome change for the Bengal movie industry, especially when you compare them with such hero fights for revenge or boy meets girl kind earlier efforts. There comes a fresh change in everything – right from drafting otherwise innovative lyrics to ultra modern musical arrangements to introducing raw talents. And if you still have a doubt over the acceptability of such attempts, visit any youth centric hangouts and pay an ear to what they are signing or discussing about. A majority of such singing together acts comprise the current Bengali movie songs. That didn’t happen in a day, however.

Speaking about the talent availability, Kolkata never lacked it. What it lacked was the professional infrastructure facility to nurture them. No one can deny about the beyond outstanding contributions made by the legends of yesteryears, but their success wasn’t enough to construct a steady supply line. And another problem was that such legends came contemporarily. Once they started to call it day from the musical world or failed to live up to their high standards, a void was created. The next generation Adhunik singer in Kolkata wasn’t ready yet to fill that gap, and Bengal music had no options but to outsource musical ventures to other state based composers. That might have saved the industry from being slapped with huge losses, but the quality drastically fell. And Bengal music started to lose her old glories in the hands of few low graded composers. New talents had no options but to try their voice in remake albums. That was the scenario of Bengal music industry from early 80’s to late 90’s.

And the stage was set to greet rebels, otherwise called Jibonmukhi artists and Bangla Bands. Influenced and inspired by western music lessons, these firebrand talents tried to bring a change in the stereotyped Bengali music. Tomake Chai by Kabir Suman earned its milestone status among the community of Adhunik singer in Kolkata. But more importantly, it made ways for the next generation talents to venture their unconventional singing approach, right from Nachiketas to Anjan Duttas to Mohiner Ghoraguli to Bhoomi. The lyrics and composition started to include everything that constitutes a common man’s daily life; expectations, desire, failure, love, anger, revolution – everything. That prompted the reputed names, right from classical to Nazrul Geeti singer in Kolkata busy in recording another remake album to their kitty. And undeniably, that fetched a much needed break from the habitual scores that music lovers were desperately looking for.

One interesting aspect of this music changeover lies in its attention catching ability among the younger age group. Compositions are made in such a way that the youth population could relate to it easily. That broke the barrier, and you won’t be surprised now-a-days to hear an eminent Nazrul Geeti singer in Kolkata singing the latest foot tapping chartbusters.

It’s merry making time that the new age as well as experienced campaigners is enjoying these days, in terms of improvised singing. Experiments may not yield the desired results all the time, but without it, you can’t expect renovation either.

Dr. Ketaki Goswami the best Rabindra sangeet singer in Kolkata; get more knowledge about the adhunik singer in Kolkata and also writer in Kolkata contact us directly by calling in our mobile or land line number or by email.