Phuket is located in the southeast of the andaman sea, in the Indian Ocean, 867 kilometers aways from Bangkok. She was praised as a pearl of the andaman sea. Now she’s the most popular resort in Thailand.
When you’re plan your first travel in phuket, you’ll ask, there are so many beach which is best for me. Don’t worry, I’ll help you to quickly know about Phuket.

Phuket is an island, is surrounded by water on three sides.There are three main beachs at the west of the island – PATONG、KARON、KATA.
PATONG BEACH, was the first exploited beach, it gather a variety of water sports, hotels, restaurants,spas. Also it has a seafood market- BANZAAN, this is a two-storey building, the first floor sells fresh tropical fruits and seafood, on the second floor is kitchen where they would help you cook your fresh seafood by local style. It’s very yammy!!(OPEN TIME :8:00-19:00,I suppose you could enjoy your lunch at there,you know that time seafood would be fresh more.). Especially at night, You could take a walk at the Bangla Road.It’s the busiest section of town. There are different kinds of bar,and show.Have a drink, watch a ladyboy show.That’s a good night.
Sometimes prosperity also means crowded.So if you want to take a beach nap,there is not a good choice.

KARON BEACH,this beach is nearby PATONG BEACH, just 10 mins’s ride. It’s the longest beach. The quality of sand is better than PATONG, less people,more quiet. Rent a beach chair,listen the music in the sun.Perfect! In this beach has a local arts and paintings centre.You could buy some gifts. Walk on the Luang Poh Chuan, there are some artisticals restaurants and leisure bars.There people chat over the wine cup .How comfortable!

KATA BEACH, It has two little bay, the shape likes a “W”.it is a semi-private beach,many places is belong to the local hotel. So there is more quiet,and the wave is more higher. Every year,from april to november,there is a wonderful surfing resort, if you’re a surfing enthusiast,you don’t miss there.By the way, at the north, has a little coral reef,it’s a good diving spots. At dusk, go to the kata viewing platform where you’ll have a panoramic view of the Chalong bay within sunset. What’s a beautiful picture!

But above all, I hope those will help you to choose a suitable beach for your lovely travel in phuket.

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