Top 3 Health Recommendations For Omega3

Let us face it; DHA omega3 fat is the most vital for proper growth and development of the body. However, with more than 80% of us being deficient in DHA fats, we compromise on many health recommendations for omega3. Therefore, to lead a healthy and ail-free life, experts advocate daily consumption of high DHA fish supplement.

Although the health recommendations for omega3 are enormous and unmatched, below are the top three that no one can ignore.

1.Neurobehavioral advantages It is a known fact that more than 60% of the brain is made of fats and half of these fats are DHA fatty acids. Some scientists even call DHA as “food for brain”. Studies have proven that the deficiency of these essential fats results in improper brain functioning and hampered communication between the neurons.

High level of these fats results in following health recommendations for omega3 – protection from various neurobehavioral disorders ranging from Autism, Dyslexia, Bipolar Disorder to Loss of Memory, Anxiety and Depression Bouts, Lack of Concentration, Poor Comprehension skills etc.

2.Cardiovascular and heart benefits Not many people are aware that these essential fats reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes (number one reason of high death rate in US). The basic reason of heart attack is the clog formation in the blood vessels. The blood-thinning property of these fats inhibits the plaque to build on the inner arterial walls and dissolves the clogs (if formed) before they could do any damage to the heart.

These fats reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream. In addition, they are helpful in keeping the blood pressure under the normal limits.

3.Relief from pain Studies have proven that once eaten, the body can convert DHA to a known anti-inflammatory agent called Resolvin D2. This means that DHA supplements are helpful in controlling inflammation in the body and reducing pain in painful conditions like Arthritis, Psoriasis, Osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), and painful menstruation (dysmenorrheal) etc.

Reduced morning stiffness and pain in joints, increase in bone density, better grip are few advantages of taking high DHA diet in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

One word of caution, one can reap the health recommendations for omega3 only if a high quality supplement is consumed in an optimal quantity. An inferior one can do more harm than good.

For best results, look for supplements that have high DHA content. 1000mg of oil should have at least 250 mg of DHA. The supplements that have undergone the molecular distillation process are the purest and of pharmaceutical grade quality.

Make no mistake about it, select only a superior supplement that is fresh, pure and has high DHA content.

If you wish to learn more about effective hoki-tuna blend oil that can help you reap maximum health recommendations for omega3 fats, visit my website Omega 3 Brief today.

Chuck Blake is an active researcher and consumer of fish oil products.Visit his website today to learn more about the powerful benefits of omega-3 fish oils.

Fish Oil – What Should You Look For When You Buy Fish Oil?

Fish oil is growing fast in popularity and more people are looking to buy fish oil to improve their health but not many people know what they should be looking out for when they are buying it: and that is the reason for this article today to make sure that when you buy your supplement you can make an informed decision because trust me, not all fish oil tablets are created equally.

The first thing you should look at when you buy fish oil supplements is the DHA level it contains. DHA and EPA are the essential fats found in the omega3 and with a vast majority of the supplements available you will find that they are higher in EPA. Now whilst this is not the end of the world you really want to buy fish oil that is higher in the DHA because it is this fat that has all of the really good health benefits in it. But what are these benefits?

Research is showing that DHA is the fat that fights inflammation which is pretty much the number 1 reason most people get started on fish oil tablets: but for most people though when they think inflammation they think arthritis, what they do not realise though is that inflammation is also connected to heart attacks and strokes too; so that is why you want a tablet high in DHA to have the best chance of fighting these killer conditions as well as joint pains.

Another thing to look out for when you buy fish oil is to see if the fish has been caught near to where it was processed: the reason this is so important is because a lot of fish is caught by trawlers who are away at sea for a long time to maximize their running costs; and to do this means they have to freeze the fish at sea. Now you may think this is a normal process but by doing this it causes the fish to go rancid and tablets made from rancid fish will repeat on the person that swallows them leaving them to have lots of fishy burps afterwards.

The final key thing to look out for when you buy fish oil tablets is to check to see if it has been molecularly distilled: simply put this means to see if the fish has been purified. This is so important because even if the fish has been caught in the cleanest sea it will have natural pollutants in it, so you can imagine what will be in it if it has been caught in an area where there is a high human presence and human waste; and what you have to remember is that everything that is in this fish will be passed in to you unless it is purified.

So those are the key things to look out for when you look to buy fish oil, and admittedly ensuring that all three criteria are met is easier said than done. That in mind I encourage you to visit my website because I have done all the legwork for you and found where you can buy fish oil that has met this criteria. You can find the information at

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Is Your Super Omega3 Really the Super Brand You Are Expecting it to Be?

Because of the vast profitable market of health supplements, it is no wonder that many manufacturers claim that their super omega3 product is the best. Widely known to the public are the wondrous health benefits that this substance can render to anyone’s system. Continuous intake is said to give one the best satisfying results there is and at the same time can multiply the effects at it can help reduce concentration of health threatening molecules such as bad cholesterol or lower level of blood pressure.

As you might still be in the process of scouting for the fish oil supplement which you can start this healthy program with and perhaps stick on for a lifetime, some things should be considered to avoid frustrations, possible health complications and overall waste of investment. So how can you assess if you are eying for a supplement that is indeed genuine and effective? Some of these things are given below.

Safest way of manufacturing – although the product contains one of the essential substance needed by the human system to function properly, contamination on the source from which the product is extracted is inevitable. Given the nature in which fish sources are taken from, the incidence of the former getting polluted and absorbing health hazards like heavy metals like lead, mercury and PCBs is very likely. Currently the safest and the most efficient way to separate oil from fish sources and these contaminants is molecular distillation. Unfortunately, this process is quite expensive and many manufacturers do not prefer this process as oppose to other methods simply because it will curtail a great portion of their profit. So to ensure that you are getting the best, cleanest and the safest, look for items which have undergone molecular distillation. Be reminded that it is your health that you are placing at risk if you are not keen enough to look into important details such as this.
Ratio of vital fatty acids – two vital fatty acids should be present in each formulation namely: DHA and EPA. For a product to be considered effective, it should contain more DHA than EPA as most studies reveal that it is DHA which is responsible for most benefits rendered by this substance. As much as possible the concentration of DHA should be double than EPA. About 250 mg of DHA per capsule is the preferred effective concentration.
Evaluate the smell – freshness of the product can also affect the benefits it can render and also can adversely affect one’s health. When cutting a capsule as sample, you should not expect nothing more than a lowly ocean smell. Rotten and pungent fish odor or when you see enteric coating, it only suggest that the product is not fresh and will be useless as it will render very little benefits.
Price – expensive ones do not entail that it is more effective than others.

Make the super omega3 a part of your healthy diet!

Esther is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle including taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements. For more information on fish oil benefits, please visit her site today.
By Esther Bell

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