Couriers' strike disrupts release of imports at Dhaka airport

Couriers' strike disrupts release of imports at Dhaka airport
A Dhaka Customs House official said Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB) rented the Cargo Village to Biman Bangladesh Airlines that had sublet it 'some' courier companies. CAAB objected to the sublet after an incident of fire in 2013, he said …
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Dhaka North Mayor Annisul accepts Islami Bank money for CCTV cameras
The bank said: “Dhaka North City Mayor Annisul Huq, on behalf of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police law and order coordination committee, accepted the cheque from the Islami Bank Chairman Mustafa Anwar at a function held at the city corporation office.”.
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EC: No outsiders in polling areas
No outsiders will be allowed in polling areas after election campaigning ends on Monday midnight, Election Commissioner Md Shah Newaz has said. “No one but the voters will be allowed in the polling areas after midnight [Monday],” Shah Newaz said …
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Varied East India tours

Eastern India lies deep in the lap of easternmost Himalayan hills. The area is connected to rest of India by merely 20 km of wide land (at Siliguri, West Bengal) and rest the East India shares over 2,000 km of border with Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The states that comprise east are Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura popularly called the “Seven sisters”. East India Tour is regarded as one of the best geographical regions to enjoy eco adventurous in the entire South Asia, East India tours is indeed paradise for nature lovers and adventure lovers. The place is blessed with natural heritage including line of Himalayan hills, pervasive dense forests, lovely waterfalls and caves let tourist indulge into a number of activities.  East India tour packages allow the travelers to explore this eastern part of India in a systematic manner and economical. With East India Package one can enjoy the culture and people of the East India as it is home to varied number of tribal groups (almost 166). Each tribe has their own distinct culture, which gives them a unique cultural identity. Numerous of art forms and festivals of the region are intrinsic part of its rich culture and tradition. Many of festivals like Bihu, Jhum Cultivation, Ke Pemblang, Nongkrem, Durga Puja and Karchi Puja are some of the most important festivals, which are mirror to rich socio-cultural life of Eastern India.

You can start your East India Tour from Guwahati – the capital city of Assam, is considered to be the gateway to North East India. It is situated on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River. Srimanta Shankerdeva Kalashetra – a multi-art complex portrays the rich cultural diversity and life of Assam as well as that of the North-east. Shillong – Meghalaya is best known as the ‘Scotland of the East’ for this pretty hill station. Meghalaya’s natural beauty is most conducive for extended holidays with the hill station of Shillong continuing to be a hot favorite. The scenic Khasi Hills resembles the Scottish Highlands amidst smoky blue hills thick with pine and orchids, singing brooks and crashing waterfalls. The Shillong Peak (1965mtrs) offers breathtaking views of the city spread out against its glorious hill slopes.

So pack your bags and get ready to explore eastern India with India tour packages and create life time memories with your loved ones.

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How to manage a trip to India?

The largest country in the Indian Subcontinent and with shared boundaries with some of the most populace countries of the world like Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and the Sri Lanka with distinct political systems and regimes, India provides an ideal destination for an adventurer and seeker looking for the best centers for tourist attractions. Best tourist places and center of attractions and spots in India as found in India are primarily placed at and categorized due to its geographic as well as demographic diversity. India is an extremely diverse country as providing ample distinction in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity found across its vast expense and boundaries. Tour packages in India for a traveler’s perspective ideally in India has ample variety and broadness as with respect to its civilizations, fascinating religions, and different patterns of languages, modern technology and blazing metros as presents the lively example of what a touring traveler can enjoy on a trip to India.

The geography of India is filled with entire vitality and diversity as is better reflected through its mountains, jungle, deserts and beaches. Apart from the uniqueness of mountain ranges the India is infested with ever following perennial rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Sindu, Kali, Gomti, and Brahmaputra. The origin of the most of Indian rivers is stated to be as from the Himalayas. Going down to the south from Himalaya, there is the fertile plains of the north then after is peninsular India that is mostly a plateau. In the west there is Rajasthan and the great Thar desert and in the east are the seven sister states with entirely different culture and one of the dense monsoon forests and varied vegetation and wild life in India. In India, rains define a large number of activities of economic and agricultural importance. Monsoon is divided into parts, the Southwest and the Northeast as both are named after the winds that help monsoon to occur rains. There happen around three festivals in a year in India consisting summer, rainy and winter. The diversity in geography and climate presents India with one of the diverse cultures on the earth. Indian culture is provided with a rich mix of varied religious and spiritual themes. India is divided into rich and diverse mixture of culture as is provided by and added with four divisions respectively East, West, North and South.

For a tourist’s perspective, the India Himalayan Mountains provides a destination for adventure and the spirituality, as it is spot for the most visited hill stations and spot for the sacred religious sites. The country’s capital India is other finest spot to be toured on India travel. Golden triangle tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur takes place from here. In west, there is the jewel of India tourism, Rajasthan and its massive Thar Desert that is known for its camel and camel safaris. After that comes the South India that is an illustrative center of an indigenous culture, South India’s historical temples, tropical forests, backwaters in Kerala and the popular temples of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala.

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Bangladeshi producer takes 'Black' to court

Bangladeshi producer takes 'Black' to court
… a petition in the Kolkata High Court asking to stall the release of Raja Chanda's Black starring Soham and Mim. However, Indian producer, Rana Sarkar doesn't want to budge and is hopeful about releasing the film in 130 theatres across Bengal on Friday.
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पखांजूर को जिला घोषित करने बंगाली समाज का प्रदर्शन, कल करेंगे विधानसभा का घेराव
रायपुर. कांकेर जिला के पखांजूर तहसील को जिला घोषित करने सहित चार सूत्रीय मांगों को लेकर बंगाली समाज राजधानी के बुढ़ापारा स्थित धरना स्थल पर प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं। Bengali society. हजारों की …
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Mamatas tokenism may work, but wont help Bengals Muslims
In Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav is often labelled 'Maulana Mulayam' for his Muslim-centric approach to politics. But now, in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is being called much more uncharitable things for her approach towards the …
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Bengali Students Need Teachers Who Speak Their Language
In a second-floor classroom of John Adams High School in Ozone Park, Queens, global history teacher Solaman Chowdhury explained the Treaty of Versailles to his sophomore students one morning — in both English and Bengali. He compared European …
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The Problem of an Ageing Population

High population has been a matter of growing concern for the Bangladesh government over the past few years. The country is now facing a new crisis in the form of an ageing population. Life expectancy has increased over the last few decades while the fertility rate is plunging down rapidly contributing steadily to a population that is an ageing majority.

The government is making efforts to ease the discomfort of its senior citizens by announcing old age security schemes and also by relocating its expenditure plans. In a sensible move, they have involved NGOs to gather input about the developing situation and get suggestions from experts on the best methodology to tackle the situation in the future. However, given the limited resources and budget deficits, it can be a huge challenge to find solutions of such nature easily.

As the government is forced to commit more economic resources to this economically unproductive segment, it can have serious repercussions on the growth and development of the country – a truly dangerous situation indeed for the future generation.

The elderly population residing in the interiors and rural areas are going to be the more severely affected. The extreme poverty that they face makes it impossible to save and have any sort of assets. Chronic poverty is the bane of a lifetime for such people with the situation going to go downhill in the coming decades.

According to official figures about 44 percent of the rural population is poor with 26 percent being the corresponding figure for the urban population. Their problem remains compounded by the migration of children in search of better living opportunities and lack or resources to eke out a decent living. Lack of skills and failing health further contribute to the creation of a vicious circle of poverty and helplessness.

NGOs have been advocating effective management of ageing to ensure that the effects of the condition are mitigated when the problems unleashes itself in full force on the helpless ageing population of Bangladesh. Advancing retirement age is a solution that can work well because of the longer life expectancy. There can be an impact on employment opportunities but the impact can be offset with innovative labor reform plans.

If you have the funds and want donate to a charity at all then Welcome to Touching Souls International – New York based nonprofit charity organizations actively involved in charity work for the past two decades. Get all the latest philanthropy news from one source.

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'Brand Hasina' polls being held, says BNP

'Brand Hasina' polls being held, says BNP
“Brand Hasina” is what the BNP called the alleged harassment of its candidates by ruling party candidates in the lead-up to the country's upcoming municipal elections. BNP Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said the disappearance of ballot boxes …
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Delhi ready to help Dhaka strengthen EC if requested
[or] any other institution which helps to strengthen democracy further in Bangladesh,” Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka Pankaj Saran said Saturday. He was speaking at an interactive programme with journalists prior to his departure for Moscow with new …
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Srijit Mukherji to adapt two Shakespearean tragedies in one film

Srijit Mukherji to adapt two Shakespearean tragedies in one film
… son of popular Bollywood actor Biswajit, is an actor in his own right in Bengal having worked in films such as Amar Sangi, Unishe April and Chokher Bali. He has also appeared in the Hindi film Shanghai in a brief role. (Prateek Choudhury/Hindustan …
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Freethinking and Islam, not an unlikely coalition
Today marks the 44th anniversary of the Pakistani army's systematic killing of pro-liberation Bengali intellectuals, of some of the brightest minds behind the political movement that fought for the very civil liberties that we, as Bangladeshis, now …
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Mahesh Bhatt to mentor Hindi version of 'Rajkahini'
Bengali director Srijit Mukherji is planning a Hindi remake of his drama “Rajkahini” and says filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has expressed interest in mentoring the new project. The film has been tentatively titled “Lakeer” and will go on floors next year with …
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Conditions of Extreme Poverty Affect the Rural Populace of Poor Countries

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries of the world and has a population that is predominantly rural. 85 percent of the population live in the villages and depend on the land for their livelihood. The country is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters such as frequent floods and cyclones which take lives and destroy crops, livestock and invaluable property.

While there is some perceptible change in reducing the intensity of poverty, the rural population continues to live in pitiable conditions with no access to proper shelter, hygiene and food. Rural areas remain neglected leading to a greater imbalance between the living conditions of the rural and urban populace.

It is estimated that over 20 percent of the rural households live in a deplorable state of extreme poverty. Food insecurity is a perennial problem among the rural poor in Bangladesh as they do not own any land that is cultivable nor do they have any assets. Often, these people are illiterate and suffer from debilitating diseases because of the extremely unhygienic conditions that they live in.

There are many disparities that encompass the lives of Bangladeshis. These disparities rise from geographic factors, access to education and gender of the individual. The income levels among the people living in rural and urban areas show huge discrepancy primarily because the resources available in the urban areas are conspicuous by their absence in the rural areas.

The rural population face huge problems in their day to day life with shortages of basic essentials a regular feature. Weeks and months of efforts can be swept away within a matter of hours by floods and cyclones that strikes the country with alarming regularity. There are instances when floods have wiped out entire winter crop, creating conditions of famine and hunger.

Bangladeshi children do not have access to proper education. Children residing in rural areas of the country are more severely affected. The government has made primary school education free and even compulsory but has not made the necessary resources available to the rural population. The literacy rate is just around 60 percent but is much lower in the rural areas.

There are NGOs working vigorously to correct the situation and ensure that the disparity in living conditions between the rural and urban population is minimized as much as possible.

Welcome to Touching Souls International – New York based nonprofit organization actively involved in charity work for the past two decades. Our mission is to provide charity for children, assistance in health, education and environment for the needy, economically disadvantaged people of the third world countries. Donate now using our online donation.

Icc World Cup 2011: Australia To Take On Sa In Warm Up Match

THREE VERY important warm-up matches are scheduled to be held in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on Tuesday, February 15. Australia vs South Africa, Bangladesh vs Pakistan and Sri Lanka vs West Indies matches will be played at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur and R. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo respectively.

In their first warm-up match the South Africans defeated another African country Zimbabwe by 8 wickets with 159 balls remaining at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. In an another warm-up match on Sunday February 13 at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, Australia lost to India by 38 runs in a very close match.

According to the Cricket World Cup record book, since 1999 Kangaroos have won all the World Cup matches against the Proteas. During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in Caribbean island, Australia beat South Africa by 83 runs in the final Group A match. Both South Africa and Australia once again met in the second Semi-Final match in the World Cup at the Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia, where Australia beat South Africa by 7 wickets.

In the ninth warm-up match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on February 15, two south Asian countries Pakistan and Bangladesh will meet at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur. Bangladesh in its first warm-up match on Saturday February 12, beat Canada in a one-sided match by 9 wickets with 184 balls remaining. Pakistan will be playing their first warm-up match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

The 11th warm-up match scheduled in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 will be played between Sri Lanka and West Indies. Both Sri Lanka and West Indies had won their first warm-up match against Netherlands and Kenya respectively. In the just concluded series between these two countries, Sri Lanka won the series of three matches by 2-0. One match was abandoned due to rain.

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Weekly Impressive Images: July 10

A huge dust storm hit a city of the United States; violence erupted at several places outside capital Dhaka of Bangladesh; Chinese Government blocks Tibetans from celebrating Dalai Lama’s birthday; the Space shuttle Atlantis STS-135 has its final launch; Indian students protest against university increased tuition fee; unclothed and painted people gather in Pamplona of Spain; the World Bodypainting Festival 2011 takes place in Austria and so on have made impressive images last week.

A massive dust storm swept over the US city of Phoenix in Arizona on Tuesday, July 5. Coming with sustained winds of up to 70mph, the large sandstorms whipped up masses of ground dust and dirt, blocked visibility and caused the temporary closure of the Sky Harbour Airport, the state’s largest airport.

The dust sweeps over the city

Weekly Impressive Images: July 10: Massive Dust Storm Strikes Phoenix

The violence erupts at several places outside capital Dhaka of Bangladesh after police tried to prevent the protesters from blocking roads and smashing vehicles

Chinese Government blocks Tibetans in Kathmandu from celebrating the 76th Dalai Lama’s birthday in the fear of violent protests against China

A man talks to his daughter while waiting to see the final launch of the Space shuttle Atlantis STS-135 near the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on July 8

An Indian student runs after the police to ask for university tuition fees during a protest asking the university authorities to withdraw their move on increasing the fee

Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive on Parliament Hill on Ottawa, Canada. The royal couple’s nine-day tour of Canada is their first official foreign trip as a married couple.

Prince William and his wife on their visit to Canada

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge takes part in a cooking workshop in Montreal, Canada

A group of unclothed and painted people gather in Pamplona, Spain in order to fight against bull massacre during San Fermin festival

The festival of San Fermin, or the Pamplona bull running, takes place from July 7 to July 14 every year in Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre, Spain and of the former kingdom of Navarre.

An impressive image from the Pamplona bull running

A model shows off her curves in an impressive “costume” during the World Bodypainting Festival 2011 held in Poertschach, Austria. It is the world’s biggest bodypainting event held annually since 1998. This year, the festival has attracted a lot of artists from 40 countries.

World Bodypainting Festival 2011 held in Poertschach, Austria

Weekly Impressive Images: July 10: World Bodypainting Festival 2011


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How Christian Ministries Are Bringing Help To Children In Need

From Honduras to Haiti and Bolivia to Bangladesh, Christian ministries are working to bring help to children in need. Those needs take many forms. In the poorer countries millions of children are at risk from starvation and disease. Those children lack even the most basic amenities, like clean safe water or simple medicines.

In the richer countries, millions of children are at risk from the ills of modern society – the loss of stability caused by family and community breakdown.

Either way, these children are suffering from poverty. The message they all receive is, “You’re not worth anything. No one cares.”

Christian ministries exist to prove that ALL children matter, to God and to His people. Christian ministries help children in need by teaching them that they are all precious beings and an important part of God’s plan. As children learn more about Jesus, they feel – perhaps for the first time – a sense of worth and hope for the future.

Christian ministries are bringing help to children in need in undeveloped countries by working to provide food, clean water, medical care, and education programs. In Western countries, the needs may include tackling problems due to child abuse, drugs and alcohol misuse and juvenile crime.

In both cases, the Christian ministries will be based in local churches. It is only by working through local churches and communities that those children most in need can be identified and helped. Christian children’s ministries, wherever they are in the world, are dedicated to bringing help to children in need by providing long-term solutions to problems. They focus on equipping children with skills that will last a lifetime, built on a solid foundation of Christian faith. Children in need who are taught skills, self-esteem and to trust in God have a real chance to live a happy and worthwhile life.

All Christian ministries welcome support for their work of helping people in need, whether by prayer or in financial or practical terms. Churches throughout the United States will be glad of assistance in their outreach programs. Even the smallest donation or the offer of an hour or two of time will be useful in bringing help to those in need.

To help children in need in the world’s poorest countries, people are asked to consider sponsorship. Child sponsorship is a simple and effective way to help an individual child in countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean. By paying just a few dollars a month, the sponsor ensures that a child in need receives

*food assistance
*clean, safe water
*medical care
*education leading to future job training
*the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ

The sponsors are also encouraged by the Christian ministry to build a warm friendship with the sponsored children by exchanging letters and photographs, offering prayer and encouragement, and perhaps even paying a visit.

The important message from Christian ministries the world over is that millions of children in need desperately require help. These children need to be helped with a new start and hope for the future. And each one of us can do something for these weak and vulnerable young ones. We can bring help by offering a donation, a helping hand, a sponsorship pledge, and a prayer. It all adds up.

The writer is a freelance journalist who supports the work of Christian ministries working for children in need worldwide.

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