Medical Analysis of Tropical Eosinophilia (Weingartein Syndrone, Pulmonary Eosinophillosis)

This condition which is common in the tropics is characterized by an absolute eosinophil count and associated with respiratory symptoms. The disease is prevalent in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and west-central Africa.



Microscopically the lesion is essentially inflammatory cell infiltration of several tissues. Lymphocytes and histiocytes are the initial invaders. Later to be replaced by eosinophilic bronchopneumonia, histiocytic infiltration of the interstitium and interstitial fibrosis. In some cases the lesions resemble granulomas with foreign body giant cells surrounded by mononuclear cells. The extent of lesion is probably related to the duration of the disorder. The histological changes are not pathognomonic for tropical eosinophilia, since similar lesions may result from allergy to several other allergens.


Clinical features

In the majority the onset is insidious and the patients come for treatment several months after the onset. Males are affected more than females. The severity of symptoms does not correlate with the eosinophil counts. Many patients with high eosinophilic counts may remain asymptomatic. In some cases the onset may be acute resembling influenza, bronchial asthma or gastro intestinal disturbances. The chronic form may present with exertional dyspnea, Vague ill health or asthmatic symptoms. Mild hemoptysis may occur. Auscultation over the chest may reveal evidence of bronchospasm with crepitations. Some cases present with mild fever, loss of weight, generalized lymphadenopathy, mild splenomegaly, and rarely bleeding tendencies. The absolute eosinophil count ranges from 2000-10,000/cmm. In some cases the total leukocyte count may go as high as 30-40,000/cmm and the eosinophils may form 70-90% of the total. All of them are mature eosinophils. The bone marrow shows infiltration by eosinophils and their precursors.


Skiagram of the Chest reveals diffuse fine mottling bilaterally in about 50% of cases. Rarely the radiological features may be unilateral or even localized is one lung. Pulmonary function tests show restrictive and obstructive features.



Tropical eosinophilia should be suspected in all cases of respiratory disorders presenting with asthmatic symptoms of short duration. An absolute eosinophil count above 2000/cmm is essential for making the diagnosis. Tropical eosinopphilia has to be distinguished from other parasitic infections which cause lover degrees of esosinophilia. Loeffler’s syndrome, aspergillosis, allergic alveolitis, bronchial asthma, and pulmonary tuberculosis. In bronchial asthma also the eosinophils may be increased but the counts seldom reach the levels seen in tropical eosinophilia. In the latter, treatment is curative whereas in the former it is only palliative. Helminthic infections also cause lower levels of eosinophilia. These may be associated with respiratory symptoms. The eosinophilia clears up with de-worming.


The course of tropical eosinophilia is benign with remission and exacerbation extending over several months or years. Death is rare, though a few cases have been reported.



Drug of choice is diethyl carbamazine given in a dose of 4-12 mg/kg/day for 10-14 days. In most of the cases the eosinophil count and symptoms subside promptly. Side effects are mild. These include headache, joint pains, anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. In few cases there may be slight aggravation of respiratory symptoms at the start of treatment. Such cases respond to bronchodilators or corticosteiods. Prolonged follow up is necessary, since the condition is likely to recur.


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Book online tickets to Kailashahar from all around the world

Kailashahar is situated in the North-east part of India. Kailashahar is a small town and it is the headquarters of North Tripura District. It is situated on the border of Bangladesh. Kailashahar has a history that is dating back to the 7th or 9th century and is connected with Unakoti, which is famous for the stone images and rock cut. The relativesof King Jujhar Fa, who began the Tripuri calendar, was a follower of Shiva and worshiped for him on the banks of River Mau in Chhambulnagar. It is also believed that Chhambulnagar was the earlier name of Kailashahar. Some people also believe the Lord Shiva, Har, lived in Kailash mountain, so the place was titled as Kailash Har, later was changed to Kailashahar.

Kailashahar is also popular for its Lakhi Narayan Bari, Unakoti and approximately 16 tea estates. Unakoti is a very famous for rock carvings and stone images that date back to the 7th and 9th centuries. There are many temples regained like the Rangauti temple and the 14 divinities or ‘Chouddo Devotar’ temple. Kailashahar also has a mosque that is situated near the main bazaar.

Being a small town, travelers can have a glance of the ethnic heterogeneity of the town. Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity are the main religions followed in this place. Tourists can be a part of the spiritual celebrations of Kailashahar, when Durga Puja and Kali Puja are celebrated during the months of September and October.

Unakoti and Lakhi Narayan Bari along with some tea estates are the leading attractions of the destination. It is the best place for people who loves because trekking is a leading activity in Kailashahar. Kailashahar has a tropical environmental condition all over the year and the best time to see this place is during the months of October and November.

The nearest airport to Kailashahar is in Kailashahar, which is linked with several places of the country including Kolkata, Imphal, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Silchar, Mumbai and New Delhi. For those people who wants to travel by by trains, can reach Kumarghat Railway Station that is nearest to Kailashahar.

If you don’t want any trouble and want your journey to be more enjoyable, then you just need to contact any of the travel companies so that they can properly guide you in decent fashion to make your journey more easy.

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Some of travel companies have their own website and it gives Cheap Air Tickets good information regarding some good places. You just need to go to their sites and book your tickets online. You can also book for hotel accommodations and other things  Some websites even offer you a great discounts which you can easily depend and make your trip memorable. If you have any queries regarding your travel plan, you can contact the customer care department and speak with the executive who will make your plan simple and easy Air Ticket Online Booking . Even some websites offers you bidding which you can coat your own price. You can also save both money and energy by booking online.

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The Causes Precisely Why Flood Occurs

India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam. All of these locations are located in Asia and they’ve got one thing in common- all of them are weak to flooding.

Flooding is a natural situation but it may also be instigated by the drastically wrong and unlawful activities of men and women. Natural causes of flooding commonly incorporate climate conditions such as heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, snow melt, prolonged rainfall, high tide, and rising of rivers. Man made causes of flooding are normally deforestation, urbanization, lousy upkeep of drainage networks, and incorrect and inadequate flood defense strategies.

Floods or oversvømmelse in Danish can be categorized into 2 namely natural floods and catastrophic floods. The first kind of flood is resulting from the abovementioned natural causes. Floods transpire when there is an overflow of water from oceans, ponds, streams, heavy rains, tsunamis, and so on. On the other hand, catastrophic floods take place when unanticipated or unforeseen happenings transpire including dam breaks.

Among the list of natural causes of oversvømmelse, major rainfalls are viewed as as one of the key causes of flooding. When major rainfalls transpire, the level of water in lakes or rivers rises. This may lead to the overflow of water usually causes floods that could destruct nearby spots. With regards to man made causes of flooding, deforestation is the fundamental cause. Certainly, this means that the trees are being cut and removed from their spots. When this occurs, the soil becomes easily eroded causing it to be positioned in the bottom of seas and streams. Such position increases the level of water in the several bodies of water, that subsequently leads to floods.

Despite the fact that floods are often described as hazardous and destructive, they still produce positive results on the natural environment. One of these positive effects is that floods or oversvømmels distribute sediments containing essential nutrients that are beneficial to replenish topsoil components to the lands. But the positive effects of flood continue to be beaten by the negative effects it can give the people, to the local community, and to the earth. Floods can ruin properties and destroy lives. Floods can damage drainage systems, wreck homes, and wreck properties.

Floods can happen at any time or perhaps whenever you least expect it to happen. Alright, so what could you do should your site is flooded? Do you think you’re even ready for it? Residing in a region not at risk of floods doesn’t guarantee that you could continually be safe from such event. You have to remember that whenever it rains, there is always a chance to have floods. Simply because your area is not India or Bangladesh, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience floods in the future. For this reason, it is best to be prepared for it than to get startled by it.

Christina Larsen is a Danish national who has been writing for more than three years. She is an environmental advocate and used to share information about floods, its causes, effects as well as how we can fight it through various flood control and flood protection systems.she used to share information about oversvømmelse.she also loves topic related on oversvømmelse.

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Tripura Tourism : Hidden Treasures from the East

Tripura is a state in north-east India and is also the third smallest state. Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on the north, south, and west and Assam and Mizoram on the east. The capital of Tripura is Agartala.Tripura Tourism actively promotes the states lush greenery of hills, verdant valleys, flora and fauna, flushing meadows, and transparent waterscape. Some of the wild life sanctuaries are Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary, Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary, Gomati Wildlife Sanctuary, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary and Jampui Hills in Kanchanpur. Tripura Tourism has provided a lot of facilities at the water bodies like Dumboor Lake, Neermahal and Kamalasagar and parks like Khumlwng Eco Park, Tepania Eco Park, Baramura Eco Park and Kalapania Eco Park.

Tripura is a land of religious monuments. Tripura Tourism has done everything in its might to beckon tourists from across the globe. Some of the widely visited shrines from all the religions are Tripura Sundari Temple, Kashaba Kali Temple, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Jagannath Temple, Chaturdash Debta Temple, Chandrapur Mosque, Belonia Gedu Mia’s Mosque, Mariyam Nagar Church, Mahamuni Pagoda, and Venuban Bihar.

Tripura, like all the other north-eastern states, is home to nineteen indigenous tribal groups. Tripura Tourism has always promoted tribal tourism by arranging traditional fairs and home stays at the villages. Some of the tribes in Tripura are Tripuri, Riang, Jamatia, Halam, Khasi, Noatia, and Orang among others.Tripura Tourism highlights the wealth of Tripura’s traditional art, culture, history and archaeology. Tripura has beautiful rock cut carvings and stone images at Unakoti, Debtamura and Pilak.  The stone temples at the Gunabati Group of Temple’s and Bhuvaneswari Temple under the archaeological survey of India are also frequented by pilgrims.

Tripura’s traditional art and handicrafts brings a lot of economy to the state and is actively promoted by Tripura Tourism. The exceptional variety of handicrafts using bamboo and cane are made by different ethnic groups which have earned great name and fame throughout the country. The most famous handicraft products are bamboo room dividers, decorative wall panels, bamboo and cane furniture, decorative pieces made of bamboo roots, table mats, floor mats, bamboo mattresses, ornaments and other gift items.

Tripura Tourism has made arrangements for the tourists to watch the craft artisans at work in different villages and they can buy the products from ‘Purbasha’, a Government of Tripura Sales Emporium and other private sales emporium throughout the state.Tripura Tourism promotes the states own folk music. The father son duo, S.D. Burman and R.D. Burman belonged to Tripura.Tripura Tourism thrives on the states irresistible charm as a tourist destination and a visitor to Tripura can trace the state’s celebrated history and heritage in its archaeological remains and its beauty in its exquisite landscape.

Get more information on Tripura Tourism and Tripura Hotels.

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It's the 100th birth anniversary of Sombhu Mitra (1915-1997), who is often described as a quintessential man of Bengali theatre. Also known as a director, producer and playwright, he is considered by many to be the greatest actor on Bengali stage.
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Tripura is a state in the north east India, with a geographical area of 10,490 square kilometers. Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on the north, south, and west. The Indian states of Assam and Mizoram lie to the east. The capital of the state is Agartala. It has a history of over 2500 years and came into existence on October 15, 1949.
This state has been in existence since the times of Mahabharata. It was ruled by the tripuri kings. It is a landlocked hilly state, with tropical climate and varying elevations. The state extends between 22°56’N and 24°32’N and 90°09’E and 92°10’E.
Tripura is a state snuggled between Assam and Mizoram. It is the most romantic destination and is familiar with domestic and foreign tourists. Agartala is the capital city, which is the home of royal Manikya Kings. It showcases huge Mughal style gardens, magnificent tile floor, beautiful ceilings and doors of curved wood. The city is also home to State Museum, Tribal Museum, a number of temples and Buddhist sites.
Deotamura is located on the river Gomati, which means ‘peak of gods’. The place has an interesting series of images of deities carved on the hills. Amidst the lush green valleys and paddy fields we can find Pilak located.Pilak grabs attention of tourists as there is a combination of shrines of the Hinduism and Buddhism cult
Unakoti is an ancient tourist destination, which has old rock- cut images present. In addition three images of Nandi Bull are also found. Along with the above there is a three eyed figure, which is debated as Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu is also evident.
Tripura has a lot to offer to the tourists. Agartala, the picturesque capital, with its beautiful palaces, gardens, hills, temples and lakes, scenic Tirthamulkh with its lakes; waterfalls and reservoir are all worth visiting. Pilak Pather and Lungthung are virtual treasure troves for those, historically inclined. Jampol hills, Rudrasagar and Neer Mahal-the lake cities, Sepahijala-the wildlife sanctuary, and the temples in and around Udaipur, are the other major places of interest in this tiny state. The Government of India has recently taken a number of initiatives to develop infrastructural facilities in Tripura and other North-eastern states. Manufacturing of small scale products is serves as the revenue with pottery, handicrafts; hand weaved materials. A broad-gauge Railway line is being extended up to the capital.
The climate of Tripura is merely humid and is considered best after October. The ideal time to visit is between October to May. Tripura is well connected with Guwahati and Kolkata by air, as it convenient for those who can afford to do so and by rail the services are good too.  

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Most Watched South Asian Channels

There are altogether 28 states and 7 union territories that air channels in their local languages. These channels broadcast desi tv shows that identifies the nature of the state or the union territories. But the most popular among them are the Hindi channels, which are aired throughout the nation. The channels mainly broadcast game shows, movies, daily soaps, reality shows and other form of animated shows especially for the little ones. Although, Hindi channels made their way just recently, but the roots dates back in the late 50s from where they started off. It was after the Indian independence when the country was still struggling to settle down, when all of a sudden the government introduced the first ever Hindi channel which acted as a source of income as well as entertainment. This was the birth of the first Hindi channel which was introduced on 15th September 1959. It created a sensational throughout the country and almost everyone started to get their daily dose of entertainment.

This marked the beginning of “All Indian Radio” while television was introduced in the early 70s. But it was until 1982 that on the day of India’s independence, then Prime Minister Shrimati Indira Gandhi addressed to the nation. The 15th August 1982, inaugural speech from the Prime Minister became the first ever TV show to be aired by the Hindi Channel, “Doordarshan”. This was later followed by 1982 Asian Games which were held in the capital. This was the origin of the first ever south Asian channel in the country and managed to create a benchmark for others. Today, there are hundreds of desi tv channels that telecast programs from every corner of the country. But the Hindi channels are the most watched south asian channels among the Indians. The channels started with different genres of entertainment which encouraged many others to follow the suite. The NEWS channel, family drama shows, kid’s entertainment programs, sleuth’s stories, mythological epics and many more kicked off with the start of first ever Hindi channel, “Doordarshan”.

Since then, many other TV channels have managed to create their own identity by embarking the launch of various desi TV shows. Benefits within the nation are also provided to us through the launch of many regional and local south Asian channels. But this is just the beginning of it; years to come we could be witnessing a new genre of entertainment that would create much bigger sensation within India.

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Kana Bhadra & Parikhit Bala – Ami Korum Na Korum Na – Origin: Mymensingh (Bangladesh) & Coochbihar, Dinajpur (India)

Kana Bhadra & Parikhit Bala – Ami Korum Na Korum Na – Origin: Mymensingh (Bangladesh) & Coochbihar, Dinajpur (India)
from Longing for Home
Price: USD 0.99
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Indian Railways Connecting Neighboring Countries and Duronto Express

Indian Railways to international destinations, i.e. neighboring countries? Yes, this is true! You can go by rail to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Rail links to Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China are under construction. So, you can soon travel by train to these locations; thanks to initiatives undertaken by Indian Railways. To Nepal, there is a break of gauge, i.e. under unigauge project, gauge conversion is under progress. Indian Railways runs the
Thar Express to Karachi; for some time Samjhauta Express international train hit the headlines.

This train runs from Lahore, Pakistan to Amritsar (Attari). If you want to go to the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka, you can catch the Maitri Express from Kolkata. Regarding rail links between China and India, Indian Railways and rail authorities in People’s Republic of China are all geared up to start construction of a high-speed rail link that would connect Kunming to New Delhi. The route will cover Myanmar as well. Implementation is yet to take place.

How do you book Train Tickets? Do you stand in queue at the railway station counter or get it through an agent or buy it online? Why involve in hassles and waste time when you can book train tickets at the Indian railways site. This online booking facility has been introduced of late to decrease the booking load witnessed in the IRCTC website. Just go through the trains list, select your train and get the bookings done.

Viewing the trains list, you can know the distances covered by different trains by the same route. The speedier the train, fewer will be the halts/stoppages. So, if you choose a fast train you can reach your destination fast. Usually speedy trains cover long distances. You may come across the Duronto Express in the trains list to your chosen destination. Getting confirmed train tickets for Duronto is not so easy; you will have to book them several days ahead. Duronto Express train falls in the category of non-stop point to point rail services (except for operational stops).

Metro cities and major state capitals of different states are connected. You will be surprised to know that this train is faster than Rajdhani Express. It was introduced in 2009. Once you view the trains list and proceed on to book the train tickets online, you will come across an option of choosing the class. The classes are almost same as classes of other trains.

Steily william is freelance Railways and travel guide writer and is writing review articles on Indian Railways, India Travel Guide, Train Tickets, India Tourist Guide, Train Tickets. For more details on the Trains List you can visit

Bengali literature will stay for ages

Bengali literature will stay for ages
Eminent Bengali scholar Sirshendu Mukherjee said, “the Bengali literature will be at its place and globalization will actually help the literature to enrich.” He added “everyday more than 500 words are added in the English literature. Bengali words …

West Bengal government's food fest gives beef a miss
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Job Possibilities in Australia

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other under developing countries there are millions of people who posses good skills and are well qualified at their particular field but do not get the job which they desire or which are according to their standards. They are compelled do these jobs as there are less job opportunities in these areas due to low employment rate. They had to work at low wages and spend high time at their work place which result in a stressful life. This thing completely kills their talents and skills and all the hard work done by them to lead a good life in future goes in vain. Finally these people decide to migrate to the big countries where they could get a chance to explore their potential. Australia is one of such countries where a person can fulfill all his dreams and can have a good job career.

Every person’s desire is to get a job with the good working environment, where he is not mentally or physically stressed and get a high pack of salary. Australia is known for its high employment status, providing employment not only to the Australian people but also to the people from overseas.Every year millions of people from all around the world migrate seeking for jobs in Australia. They have a good job opportunities in Australia as the organizations over here is  lacking in skilled employees from Australia due to less human resources and low population in the countries. Hence these companies are ready to pay high wages to the skilled people with good designation.

Australia is also known for its good professional education which could provide a strong base for the future jobs in Australia. The education over here is provided with the systematic industrial training which is must for an individual before starting doing any work. The courses are designed in such a manner that could help the person to develop completely to the profession level. It also helps in the personal development of an individual improving his communication skills, teamwork ability, leadership qualities, decision making skills etc. which are considered to be the most essential factors to have a good job career. Hence education from here could be very helpful to get employment in Australia.

Apart from the educational training in the Australia, the organizations of Australia also conduct the training session for the beginners, recruited newly to their workplace. There are many new employees in the industries, who may be highly qualified but are not perfectly skilled. The idea behind conducting training session for these employees is to improve their overall skills and understanding towards the job which they are going to do. This would be helpful not only for the employee to work for the company for longer duration but will also be beneficial for the organization as well. Hence we can conclude by saying that education in Australia, training in Australia and jobs in Australia can lift a person’s life to great height.

There are a lot of opportunities for jobs in Australia and many leading organizations are providing employment in Australia .