The Urgent Need to Find a Long Term Solution to Drinking Water Scarcity

The large size of the population and its fast growth rate compounded by poverty and other social problems place a huge strain on the natural resources of Bangladesh. The adverse effects of uncontrolled population explosion are seen on the socio-economic fabric of the society. It also exerts terrific pressure on resources such as land, water, forests and fisheries.

The problems faced by the rural population of Bangladesh are its inability to access the benefits of the various development programs. The inequality in wealth distribution and access to productive resources continues to divide the country strongly on rural and urban lines. The government is unable to provide succor to the many problems faced by those living in the interiors. They are also hugely affected by the distinct lack of employment opportunities.

Another major concern of the government is the strain placed on its water resources because of the increasing population. Pollution of existing water bodies by industries and indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides also contribute hugely to the problems of water shortage.

A growing population obviously means greater demand for food. This has forced the authorities to create measures for higher food production through advanced agricultural measures which in turn means the necessity for more water. To overcome this huge potential problem, it is necessary to manage population growth at the earliest.

Water related diseases are widely prevalent in Bangladesh. Infant mortality rates remain persistently high with 103 deaths reported per 1,000 live births. Common diseases prevalent in Bangladesh include diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, worm infestation and measles. The main reason for water contamination is human excreta and other disease causing elements such as open sewerage pipes and damaged pipes carrying drinking water to household societies and communities.

The most terrifying piece of data provided by the World Health Organization is that gastroenteritis and diarrheal diseases kill 250,000 children less than five years of age annually. It also affects the young and the old and often results in long and extensive treatment regimen including hospitalization.

There are some active NGOs fighting exclusively for the cause of clean and potable drinking water in Bangladesh. They are playing an active role in highlighting the water related problems faced by the rural populace and has in the past forced the government into announcing remedial measures to mitigate the problem.

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Environmental Issues Affecting Developing Nations 15

The natural resources of Bangladesh have been severely strained because of its huge population. Land cultivation has reached its optimum levels. In fact, expansion of agricultural activities has begun eating into forest land with firewood cutting contributing further to deforestation.

The environmental problems faced by the country have been further compounded by natural disasters that strike the country with unfailing regularity. This has resulted in more straining of the agriculture system which supports the massive population.

Water supply is also a major issue with the people here and the cause is once again environment mismanagement. Poor infrastructure for water purification processes and the spread of contaminants into potable water by floods and cyclone is also equally responsible for lack of clean water. Drainage and irrigation systems as well as flood protection systems have been established by the authorities. Thousands of tube wells have been drilled to ensure that safe drinking water is made available to the citizens in both rural and urban areas.

Bangladesh has not remained isolated from global environmental problems but the other reasons for creation of environmental issues can be traced to land degradation, salinity, unplanned development, discharge of untreated sewage and toxic industrial wastes into fresh water resources. It is reliably learnt that economic losses due to environmental damages account for around 2.7 percent of the country’s GDP.

Poor water management technique and failure in implementing effective remedial measures has caused losses of over $ 500 million. This is something that could have been easily avoided with some show of resourcefulness from the country’s administrators. The steady economic decline has created a challenging situation especially in the urban and industrialized areas. Studies reveal complex linkages between poverty, growth and environmental management issues.

Three crucial areas have been identified which requires attention on utmost priority. They are urban and indoor air pollution issues that threaten human health, proper treatment procedures for urban and industrial sewage in Dhaka and halting the continuous decline of fisheries. These issues not only affect the day to day activities if the general population but also impacts the economy and the environment adversely.

There is an immediate need to improve environmental governance to improve the quality of life of its general population.

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Dhaka vs Kolkata

Dhaka vs Kolkata
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A new Master Plan for Dhaka
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Trucks to not enter Dhaka city before 10pm
In an attempt to regulate the Eid traffic rush, the government has decided to bar trucks from entering Dhaka city before 10pm and recommended that work on Moghbazar-Mouchak flyover stay suspended for the time being. The restrictions will stay in place …
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Icc World Cup 2011 Match Tickets

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Wedding Attire of a Bengali Bride

Ululation and blowing of the conch shells by the women in red and white sari is the identity of the Bengali weddings. The Bengali community celebrates every festival with full enthusiasm and wedding being the most special moment, holds a special place in the life of everyone. The rituals at the wedding are very simple and traditional. There no showoff or flamboyancy during weddings and are very simple and beautiful affair.

A Bengali bride represents the true femininity and beauty. The wedding attire of a Bengali bride in Bengali Matrimony is very attractive and she looks spectacular in the traditional wedding trousseau. The decor of a bride is an occasion in itself when the bride is draped in beautiful bright red or crimson Banarasi sari, which is considered to be traditional attire for a Bengali wedding. The Banarasi sari has very beautiful intricate golden or silver embroidery work and is heavy.

However, the bride staying outside Bengal have got adapted to new cultures, where they also add some modern touch to their trousseau by wearing designer lehenga. The colours chosen for a bridal lehenga is generally red, pink, orange, or the combination of different colours like red and green, red and blue, pink and green etc. The lehenga with heavy golden and silver borders look very elegant.

Colors like pink, red and maroon are the preferred choice for bridal attire because it adds to the beauty of the bride. These colours look good on almost every complexion. Red is also believed to be an auspicious color.

The bride’s hair is tightly ties to form a bun and is decorated with flowers. The bride wears heavy gold jewelry. A tiara is kept over the head of the bride, which is known as Topor. Bengali brides also carry silk stole over their head, which is generally golden in color. The jewelry patterns are basically floral and peacock shaped. Bride also wears a tika on her head, and is treated as Goddess Lakshmi. The hands and feet of the bride are adorned with red liquid known as alta, which is sign of prosperity and also defines the marital status of a woman. The feet are decked with silver anklets and in hand she wears traditional red and white bangles, where the white bangle is made of ivory.

The area around eyebrows, cheeks and chin are beautified with beautiful patterns of sandalwood paste and a big round red bindi is put at the centre of the forehead, making her look ravishing.

The grooms in the Bengali community wear dhoti and silk kurta as tradition. A topor is kept on the groom’s head also, which symbolizes the Bengali culture. At the time of wedding rituals, the groom wears a silk cloth known as Jor. The end portion of the bride’s cloth is tied with the bride’s chunni and the couple then tae the seven circles around the holy fire.

With the changing times, couple wear the same colored dressed which add to the beauty of the ceremony of the Bengali matrimony.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Sports Mania on the Way

The much awaited cricket world cup 2011 is coming up with in few days. Already the countdown has begun.  The ICC cricket world cup 2011 is going to host under the three south Asian Test cricket Playing countries, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The first match of this cricket world cup schedule on February 19, 2011, in Sher- e- bangle national stadium, Mirpur, Bangladesh. The two hosts of this cricket world cup, India and Bangladesh will face the battle on the opening ceremony. It is the first time, when Bangla desh going to organize or co- hosting a cricket world cup, using the one day international cricket format.

It was earlier decided that Pakistan will also supposed to be co- hosted the upcoming cricket world cup. But now after the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, ICC sacked the right from Pakistan to co –host the world cup. Even after that shameful accident, the organizing committee of the Cricket world cup, who had their main head office in Lahore, also shifted in Mumbai. The 14 matches, including one semi final were supposed to hold by Pakistan, now distributed among India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  India received 8 matches of Pakistan, four goes to Sri Lanka, and rest 2 is in Bangladesh’s bag.

ICC scheduled the venue and cricket world cup dates for the upcoming cricket battle. Starting on February 19, the match will go on till Early April of 2011. Venue has been divided and distributed among the three hosts country.  After the opening match in Bangladesh, It will move in the Chennai’s M.A Chidambaram stadium.  The match will be play between New Zealand and Kenya. The third match of the Cricket World cup scheduled in Hambantttota International Cricket stadium, in Sri Lanka.  The country will play their first match in the cricket world cup 2011 session in its own country with Canada.

The dates of the quarter final of the cricket world cup have been decided end of the month March. The first quarter final match will be held on 23rd March 2011 in Sher- e Bangla stadium, Dhaka on 2.30pm. Two among the four quarter final matches will play in Bangladesh. Rest of the two matches will be held in Sri Lanka, and India.The first Semi final matches will be played in R. Premadasa stadium, Colombo between the winner of first quarter final and third quarter final country. The second Semifinal will be held in India, Punjab Cricket Association, Mohali, between the second quarterfinal winner country and Fourth quarter final winner.

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Shoppers Stop announces its association with Bengali film

Shoppers Stop announces its association with Bengali film
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Water Salinity ? a Major Issue That Requires Needs to be Redressed Urgently

In Bangladesh, salinity is a major factor as the coastal areas has an extensive stretch of land and is therefore heavily populated. Salinity from the sea water directly affects the normal day to day affairs of the people inhabiting these places. It is natural to presume that salinity has a major impact on the economic factors as well.

Water supply wells located here reach must more than 250 meters below the ground to locate water that is good enough to use. Development work of any type is rendered impossible because of the levels of salinity in the water.

The coastal aquifers have high levels of salinity and their recharge zones are located far away from the coast. Flood prevention works and river diversion often results in decrease of recharge and it affects the balance within the aquifers between the salt water and fresh water interface. The activity in the Ganges Basin is one of the main reasons for decrease of freshwater flow. This affects the quality of water enormously.

The river system in Bangladesh is dying and one of the major reasons is because of the increased activity in the catchment areas. It can also be blamed on nature and its incessant adjustments to maintain the overall equilibrium. Increasing sedimentation and a growing human population are the principle reasons for the present day condition of extreme salinity of water.

Groundwater levels are also being seriously affected and are reflected in the observations made by the authorities. Water table has dropped to an alarming 23 feet from its earlier levels in the Ganges. Several districts have been affected by the problem and indications are that the situation will worsen in the coming years.

Reduced water flow in the Ganges Basin Rivers has resulted in tremendous depletion of fisheries and a decrease in the nutrition of the inhabitants. Due to the decrease in groundwater and surface water, there is greater pressure on wetlands to be converted to agricultural lands. This results in decline of water fowls and other reptiles.

Salinity is steadily leading to a condition of severe depletion of natural water resources but more importantly is severely affecting the ecological balance of the country. The problems are being highlighted by NGOs as they force the government to take adequate measures in advance to stem the rot.

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South Asia Countries with their business opportunities & challenges

South Asia in general, various country like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, too, including Afghanistan and Iran. The global economic recession and negative growth in developed countries to emerging economies with substantial slowdown recording is gone. World trade in 2010 decreased by 7%, as countries increasingly adopt import substitution and protectionist policies are forecasts. Although the decline in international commodity prices have helped curb domestic inflation and supply shock has declined, demand for exports of goods to both private and declining remittances has reduced the currency flows, the global economy, mergers and acquisitions were still observed.

Bangladesh power, steel, fertilizers, hotels, tours and opportunities for foreign investors in key areas, including petrochemicals deals. The total flow of foreign direct investment (FDI), which in the 1980s to almost zero increase of $ 760 million for fiscal 2007 are reflected in the. To meet the challenge, focusing on market liberalization reforms were introduced in the mid-1980s and much faster in the 1990s began. These reforms, particularly towards an open economic system and integrate into the global economy was. Bhutan, one of the smallest and least developed world, agriculture and forestry, more than 60% of the population provides the main livelihood is based. Bhutan hydropower exports to GDP growth of India are enhanced. Bhutan’s hydropower potential and tourist attractions are its main resource. Bhutan, the government is expanding the productive base of the country and has made some progress in improving social welfare.

Sri Lanka, the top reformer in the region of business regulations, strengthening the rights of creditors and the credit structure, increase the availability of Nepal economy is primarily agricultural based information. The strong base by turning to easier get credit for. Agriculture now accounts for only about 20% of GDP, while GDP, foreign investment in large service sector accounts for 53% of telecommunications, including real estate and energy have been. Clothing and other major industry (which represents approximately 60% of exports), textiles, food processing, chemicals, construction, and in particular the steel industry. Iran, a founding member of OPEC and the organization of gas exporting countries. Iran Petroleum (80%) exported $ 46.9 billion in 2006 from the mid-90’s formed the majority of significant integration Iran, Syria, India, China, South Africa, South-South cooperation, including “has increased its economic cooperation with other developing countries were Cuba and Venezuela. Iran and India to Turkey and its own West and Central Asia for the creation of a market share of overall economic dealings with partners to develop.

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