Help Provide a Year of Education for a Deserving Student When You Purchase a NetCom Learning Top Rated Course

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

NetCom Learning, the experts in technology training, is also the creator of the Love of Learning program which helps provide children in areas such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Sudan and other disadvantaged areas of the world with a chance at a quality education that could change their lives. NetCom Learning’s purpose is to promote the values of lifelong learning and that mission is exemplified by the Love of Learning program that it operates in partnership with BRAC USA, a non profit development organization. Individuals who purchase qualified training courses with NetCom Learning, the company provides a full year of free education to a child and get them started on a better life. As a thank you to students who purchase a qualified course by the end of December 2014, and help fund the Love of Learning program, NetCom Learning will provide a $ 200 gift card either a Best Buy® gift card, an® gift card, or an American Express® e-Gift Card. Get the training you need to advance in your career and help a young student get a chance at a good life.

“Our Love of Learning program is integral to NetCom Learning’s mission to spread education and we are excited about growing our educational organization with the help of our NetCom Learning students,” said Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning.

Love of Learning Program

The Love of Learning program is an initiative created by NetCom Learning and co-administered by BRAC USA and NetCom Learning. The funding for the educational program comes from NetCom Learning donations based on the number of prepaid class registrations. For every prepaid class registration of $ 2,000 or more NetCom Learning provides a full year of education for a child in an underprivileged country. The success of NetCom Learning is directly tied to the success of the learning program. The Love of Learning program has been flourishing and is now providing education to young people in Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Sudan in preprimary schools for children in conjunction with BRAC USA. Students who sign up for courses at NetCom Learning can know that they are also helping children around the world to be educated.

Visit our December Promotion page and choose from the list of qualified courses. No promo code needed, just sign up by December 31. One of our consultants will contact you to confirm and choose your gift card. Thanks for helping us spread the love of learning this holiday season!

Benefits of taking technical training with NetCom Learning

NetCom Learning is the most trusted name in both business and IT training and offers top notch instructors with an average of 16 years of experience and vendor approved coursework offering certification preparation for a variety of vendor certifications. NetCom Learning instructors routinely achieve high ratings from their students and possess an average of 20.5 years of experience and a cumulative average of more than 10,500 years’ experience in the field of their expertise. Instructors carry an average instructor evaluation of 8.6 out of 9, one of the highest instructor evaluations in the industry. The high quality of training has resulted in over 2,150 testimonials and a 96% customer satisfaction rate with those customers indicating they would recommend NetCom Learning to others.

About NetCom Learning

NetCom Learning is an innovative leader in IT, business and executive training to companies, individuals, and government agencies. Since its inception in 1998, NetCom Learning has trained over 71 percent of the Fortune 100, serviced over 50,000 business customers, and advanced the skills of more than 81,000 professionals through hands-on, expert-led training, with the organization maintaining an average instructor evaluation score of 8.6 out of 9. NetCom Learning was recognized by Microsoft Corporation as its Worldwide Training Partner of the Year and named thrice to Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing private companies in

America. The organization was also recently named to the 2014 Top 20 IT Training Companies by and was named “Company of the Year” by the American Business Awards.

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The purpose of NetCom Learning is to promote the values of lifelong learning

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Bangladesh Imports Of New Building Materials, New Requirements In China

Recently, the author from the Grammy’s Ceramics Export Department informed the Government of Bangladesh will be a new provision into the 2009-2012 import policy, this provision requires that all imported ceramic tile, all on January 21, 2010 after the opening letter of credit must be accepted by the Bangladesh Standards Testing (BSTI) detection at ports of entry, Customs received a test report BSTI the goods only after further assessment and release.

 It is understood that the Government of Bangladesh provided the original imports in China, before loading supervision by the BV, test equipment, then BV, the endorsement label. The new 2010 China’s import requirements are: In addition to China by the BV test, the cargo clearance at the port of destination, the need to conduct another by local customs inspection (every model of each cabinet must be re- test time); examinations should have issued a qualified local customs clearance inspection report provided to cabinet (from the inspection report to get qualified to 3-4 months); Customs clearance can be a temporary first-out qualified inspection reports, but after the clearance of such goods can only receive official compliance report before the beginning of normal sales, and cost the local test of a cabinet at least 180-200 dollars.

 Grammy’s Ceramics Export Department official said that once the new regulations, no certificate can not be sellers, but are approved take three to four months, this will drop down the order, customers can provide ten times the original once a year is now set up two goods, exports of goods in Bangladesh will be reduced by 3,000 containers a year.

 According to industry analysis, the aim of creating obstacles to Bangladesh to contain China’s trade surplus with Bangladesh. The new requirements will result in the export business in Bangladesh, the following effects: One is the increased costs, customs clearance fees who is responsible for this part of the increase depends on what terms; the other is the time to obtain the goods to be extended for the the buyer, the original can be quickly made and sold the goods, but once this provision a buyer needs a longer time to get the goods sold has been delayed, cash flow has also pushed back, and if the market this price volatility of a product, then the risk also increases; its three corresponding, some sellers is to wait until the buyer received the goods time to receive the payment, which for some buyers, the time of receipt of payment is extended, funds did not flow on the fast before.

 Italian author to the special ceramic pottery, ceramic pottery blessing, Foshan Zhuo Ma ceramics, King bathroom, sanitary and other industry companies Osman to consult the matter, most companies said the new regulations present no knowledge. It is learned that Grammy ceramics, safe homes and other business dealings with Bangladesh are more influenced by the new rules, currently working with the Bangladesh Export Grammy customers and contacts in the Embassy of Bangladesh. Grammy ceramics, ceramic head home safely said that the new rules is equivalent to a disguised form of anti-dumping, call for ceramic sanitary ware industry, we must unite against this new requirement.

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about acrylonitrile butadiene styrene , pyrazine.

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Bangladesh’s biggest export industries: Garments and Textiles

Garments factories in Bangladesh produce and design some of the world’s leading brands in clothing and garments. Bangladesh presents a unique competitive edge when it comes to the clothing industry. Whether it is leisure wear or knits or spinning or weaving, the textile and garment industry of Bangladesh is by far its biggest export industry. The value earned through exports by this industry was over $ 16 billion during the 2009-10 fiscal year.

The Sector Highlights:
•  A favorable trading status with the US and EU
•  A good location for expansion into the Eastern market and other markets
•  High quality products are produced on time
•  Highly skilled and reliable labor force
•  Large number of companies who provide a base for suppliers
•  This base has depth in skilled labor and technical abilities

There are some very viable reasons to invest in this market. The growing demand for yarn is one of the reasons and lucrative incentive packages are another important reason to invest.

Backward Linkages:
There has been substantial growth in the readymade garments sector over the last decade. This has caused the creation of many new factories and more employment opportunities as well. RMG and knitwearnow account for nearly 5,000 factories and comprises approximately 3.1 percent of the total workforce. It is important to note that 80 percent of this workforce constitutes women. The fact that textile industry is enjoying such growth makes Bangladesh very appealing to foreign investors.

Favorable trading status:
The fact that Bangladesh has trade agreements with 28 countries is one of the reasons it has such a good access to global markets. They are a very significant supplier of readymade garments to North America and Europe. Bangladesh is expected to maintain its tariff free access to the EU and Canada.

Historically, Bangladesh depended on imported fabrics and yarns and they have produced about only 10 percent of the export quality cloth that has been used by the garment industry. There are great opportunities to set up composite textile industries that combine the three: textiles, garments and yarn.

Investment Opportunities:
There are enormous investment opportunities in Bangladesh. The readymade garment industry has a huge demand for fabrics. It far exceeds the local demand. The government has set up a framework for investment which includes:
•  Joint ventures with existing mills
•  Establishment of new mills in the private sector
•  Indirect investments done through financial services

The government supports the spinning sector by providing lower tariffs and cash incentives. The government is also committed to maintain the strong spinning sector because this helps in providing a strong support to the textile and garment industry. It also helps these industries to continue its growth and become more viable.

Bangladesh is an excellent place to invest in. The country is emerging as the next Asian tiger. Within the next 10 years, Bangladesh will have a thriving economy.

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PRESENT e-Learning Systems Announces Record Breaking Attendance for Desert Foot 2014

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

The 11th Annual Desert Foot 2014 Conference, managed by PRESENT, attracted a record showing of serious wound care experts from several countries, including Bangladesh, Canada, Italy, the Marshall Islands, Peru and 46 U.S. States this past week. What began as a VA DPM-focused meeting has expanded into a multidisciplinary conference including MDs, nurses, physical therapists, research PhDs, as well as many podiatry residents and students. This year’s conference, held for the 2nd year at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, included a new multidisciplinary Wound Continuum of Care program. Attendees were addressed for the first time by Grand Sponsor, Smith & Nephew President Francois Fournier, who described the commitment his 150-year-old British company has to the U.S. podiatry profession.

The conference’s highlight came when Chairman Robert Frykberg, DPM, MPH presented the 4th Annual Paul Brand Memorial Award to diabetic foot pioneer Alberto Piaggesi, MD from Pisa, Italy. The award this year was again sponsored by Osiris Therapeutics. The memorial lecture, “The Diabetic Foot Syndrome – Leaning Towards Pisa”, was delivered by Dr. Piaggesi .

The Desert Foot 2014 Abstract Poster Competition had 69 submissions accepted this year. Winners in the Non-Resident category were 1st Place Randolph Fish, DPM for “Non-Surgical Treatment of Diabetic Toe Osteomyelitis with Bacteriophage”, 2nd Place Robin Johnson, DPM for “Clinical and Economic Impact of Utilizing Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allograft for the Treatment of Chronic Ulcers”, and 3rd Place Robert D Phillips, DPM for “Comparison of Torsional Stiffness of Orthotics Made From Different Materials”. Winners in the Residents category were 1st Place Issac Bazan, DPM for “Retrospective Analysis Comparing Two Biologic Wound Dressings: Bilayered Skin Substitute versus Porcine Submucosa”, 2nd Place Hannah Park, DPM for “The Use of Dehydrated Human Amniotic Membrane (dHACM) Allografts to Expedite Healing in Patients with Five Major Types of Refractory Non-Healing Wounds: Retrospective Cohort Study” and Lindsey Wilkes, DPM for “Keller Arthroplasty: The Appropriate Procedure for the Proper Patient”.

Next year’s Desert Foot 2015 Conference will take place November 18-20, 2015 again at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown.

PRESENT e-Learning Systems is a leading medical education and communications company (MECC) for medical professionals and publishes educational programming and original content to over 130,000 members. Founded in 2004, PRESENT is the first company to combine online multimedia medical education with social networking, creating an online education community for healthcare professionals. PRESENT also hosts a series of five annual conferences attracting thousands of podiatrists, surgeons and healthcare professionals from around the world. The Arizona-based Desert Foot Conference, which was held in Phoenix this past weekend, was both the final and largest conference of the year.

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Did You Ever Send Any Gifts To Dhaka Through The Internet?

For all those who have a few buddies or even family members residing in Dhaka and who intend to deliver them gifts, try doing it through internet this time. You’ll certainly find it is handy.

There are plenty of advantages associated with delivering gifts to Dhaka on the internet. You can easily save a lot of your invaluable time by sitting comfortably at home while sending presents on-line. Additionally you even save your efforts as well as initiatives which you otherwise would invest in comparing various means of gifting articles and the costs associated with it. You can easily find a gift fitting your budget when you search for it on various online shops. The modes of payment via internet have become so secured that you will not face any problems while you send gifts to Dhaka. You can stay assured that the individual you are sending the present would receive it promptly.

Individuals living far away from their people have given up the expensive means of communications such as telephones and air mail, and are slowly resorting to internet as they are finding it to be the cheapest and fastest way of interaction and conversation.

This is why it’s not unusual in to deliver gifts to Dhaka or even in any other nation for instance. You may have sent lots of e-mails as well as letters to your beloved ones. However a gift indicates a special inclination towards the recipient. You are able to deliver numerous gifts that are distinctive in their characteristics. But it is advisable to send only those items which are nonperishable. See to it that your people receive that at the right occasion because these are the moments which they would be remember and appreciate for their lifetime. It’s a great way of letting your own existence being felt by the people of Dhaka who truly take care for you.

A pleasant present may be worth a lot of phrases.

To be able to deliver gifts to Dhaka you need to point out the exact location as well as phone number of the individual in a precise manner so that your gifts would not be delivered to wrong house or persons. Additionally make sure that the individual you’re delivering these gifts would be at his place when it reaches him or her. It would be recommended to provide him an earlier intimation to ensure that he or she receives your present in good spirits.

The best facilitating online shopping at Do send flowers to Bangladesh, send gifts to Dhaka, send cakes to Bangladesh and other gifts to all major cities.

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Grab Best Opportunities with International calls to Bangladesh

With economic development in the Bangladesh majority of the natives have spread to world over for business, career and growth. With this International calls to Bangladesh has also seen a tremendous uphill.

Bangladesh is the growing and developing nation in the South East Asian also known as People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This nation is surrounded by India on its all borders and Burma on some. On the south there is Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh literally means the country of Bengal as it was originally part of West Bengal only. However, with partition of Bengal and India in 1947 it become part of East Pakistan.

Due to political turmoil in the country there was a liberation war in the country in 1971 which led to the formation of present day Bangladesh. After lot of struggle democracy was restored in the nation in 1991. Since then there has been lot of economic progress in the nation which has got it noticed by the world nations as well.

Bangladesh is the eighth most populated country in the world. Even then there has been tremendous progress and development in all sectors which has been acclaimed by United Nations. The key to development in any nation is telecommunication which enables growth in business and other arenas.

With development there has been arrival of the many telecommunication industry in the country. Many people of the nation have now spread worldwide for better opportunities and growth. International calls to Bangladesh are now easily available from any of the leading nations of the world.

There is an amazing example showing how large number of Bangladeshi makes millions of calls to their relatives in a day. During the world cup in South Africa near about three thousands Bangladesh natives called their hometown every day. This shows the amount of calling that is done on the daily basis.

This incidence led to the bells ringing in the minds of the service operators who have now arrived in the mobile markets with lucrative offers for international calls to Bangladesh. One can find several mobile operators who renders attractive and cost saving calling plans.

Bangladesh is well stabilized with 2G connectivity with 3G connectivity is also slowly making it way. One can make calls to the nation through mobiles, landlines and Internet. Using internet to make international calls is very popular among the natives residing across the globe. It is the most lucrative mode of staying connected.

With Internet at your disposal International calls to Bangladesh can be made through VoIP services. Just register your account and you are free to make calls to any part of the world at lowest price ever!

Sally Roth is content writer. She has published lots of articles in international calls, Voip international calls, calls to Bangladesh  and international call rate. To find out more about making cheap international calls visit

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