Scytl security protocols ensure clients are unaffected by Poodle bug

Barcelona (PRWEB UK) 16 October 2014

Scytl, the worldwide leader in secure online voting and election modernization today announced that its end-to-end security protocols and encryption ensure that none of its online voting implementations are affected by the exposed vulnerability in SSL or attacks similar to the Poodle bug.

Unlike other online voting technology solutions, Scytl does not rely solely on communication channel security or channel encryption (SSL encryption) but instead, implements full and in depth end-to-end encryption and security protocols. The Poodle bug enables hackers in a man-in-the-middle scenario to decrypt the SSL communication channel when using SSL 3.0, as well as trick the server and the browser to enforce SSL 3.0, the version that has been compromised.

Why the Poodle bug does not affect Scytl Online Voting implementations:

    With Scytl Online Voting solutions, votes are encrypted on the client devise where the voting takes place. The moment before the vote leaves the client device it is both encrypted and digitally signed. The transmission of the vote in its encrypted and digitally signed format keeps it secure from being “eavesdropped” in case of any attack on the communication channel. This, unfortunately, is not the case with other online voting technology where the vote is not encrypted before being sent through the SSL channel, leaving it open with full details on voting options, related user id´s or passwords, and vulnerable to communication channel attacks, such as the Poodle bug.

    The authentication mechanisms implemented by Scytl are based on key roaming and passwords used to open key containers, passwords that are never sent through the network, and do not use session cookies – most common targets for Poodle bug attacks – like other Internet voting platforms. This ensures it is not possible to capture passwords if for whatever reason the SSL communication channel encryption is compromised.

    As an additional security measure, Scytl is disabling SSL 3.0 on its voting servers, an SSL protocol that is more than 15 years old. This could affect voters who are using out dated versions of various browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6.0 and Opera 4.0), and not allow them to connect to their voting platform. A moot point as these outdated versions are not only not supported by their respective internet browser providers but by the online voting platforms implemented by clients. In addition, the main internet browser vendors are updating their browser protocols do disable the use of SSL 3.0.

Electoral commissions, governing bodies and private organizations looking for secure, private and auditable online voting, need to ensure that their elections are free from vulnerability from attacks such as the Poodle bug with proven end-to-end security protocols and encryption be it voter side or server side.

About Scytl

Scytl is the global leader in secure election management and electronic voting solutions. Specializing in election modernization technologies, Scytl offers the first end-to-end election management and voting platform, providing the highest security and transparency standards currently available. Scytl has capitalized on its more than 18 years of research to develop election-specific cryptographic security technology protected by more than 40 international patents and patent applications, positioning Scytl as the company with the largest patent portfolio of the industry.

Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in over 35 countries across the globe over the last 10 years, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the UAE, India, Iceland and Australia. Scytl is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with strategic offices the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Greece as well as field offices in the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Australia. For more information, visit

Media Contacts

Leticia Barcia

Senior Director Marketing Communications, Scytl


+34 934 230 324

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Some News About Westwood

Lee Westwood experienced completely discovered through the majors, he was really self-confident in name drought of British available held around the finish with the year.

No a single can go with the gamers Worksop, who has entered the best 3 of 5 occasions inside previous 7 races with the majors. Two many years ago, Lee – Westwood is really near to victory at Turnberry. He nearly features a playoff, and regrettably he three-putted the final hole. inside playoff Stewart Cink beat Tom Watson, the last victory.

No doubt, Lee Westwood’s has abundant experience. His 18-year’s career, which includes 7 occasions to represent with the European to show up at the Ryder Cup. But he admitted he discovered a beneficial lesson that day. “I remember exactly where I am accomplishing a specific thing wrong.” Lee Westwood said, “I distracted, I have targeted around the instant with the match the entire week. however the final hole, I started to wish to acquire the game, I putt a poor ball via holes 8, 9 feet, but you discovered a lesson through the experience. Just tiny elements the fact that proper time to hold out the proper thing. only a really tiny tiny particulars will make you more than the line, I really feel I have to retain accomplishing a similar thing, do not do as well superb adjustments, just some little improvements can be close to for it.

“My report inside majors really well, I obtained 5 best 3 more than the final 7 games, it is truly a marvelous record. I’m only a lack of the big championship, I really productive around the British available the previous two years, I wish this time I can in to the first. “

Lee Westwood completed next in St Andrews final year, in fact, his standing has long been pretty stable. This may be the purpose of he can climb the world’s very first final November. But now, Lee Westwood is fall at the rear of Luke Donald, the next place.

Last 7 majors, Lee Westwood’s lowest place may be the U.S. available final year, tied for 16th. Obviously, that’s not actually bad. In fact, final month, he won the 3rd in Congress. But that game, he watched McIlroy accomplished a very first victory who is more than his tiny 16-year-old. Lee Westwood do not wish to allow this sort of a failure impact their mood, he mentioned now pretty searching forward to his arrival ta property Grand Slam.

Since the U.S. Open, Lee Westwood has not attended any game. He invested some time to appropriate his swing. He gave up the French available on this week, he programs to occur back again on following week’s Scottish Open.

you can choose the taylormade r11

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Electoral Corruption in Bangladesh: Essay

Sample Essay

Words 2,128


Corruption is an age-old problem, but only recently has it started attracting the global attention of policy makers and development practitioners. Since there is no universally accepted indicator that measures corrupt practices, it is less clear how adequately empirical models can capture corruption. While there is no agreement in the literature on how to define the phenomenon of corruption, one thing is clear: corruption is a governance problem. Corruption is a result of weak state management and exists when individuals or organizations have monopoly power over a good or service, discretion over making decisions, limited or no accountability, and low levels of income.

The frequently cited World B-ank definition of corruption, used in this paper, is the abuse of public office for private gain. This does not necessarily mean that corruption exists only in the public sector.

Rather that corruption in the public sector is more important for the purposes of public policy in developing economies and the public sector should take the lead in establishing high standards of integrity and accountability.

Corruption or rent seeking is basically an institutional failure caused by market and/or policy inadequacy and it need not exist in government institutions alone and recent reports and studies have indicated its presence in private and NGO sector as they gain control and authority over resources in an imperfect system. The traditional view is that consumer sovereignty and presence of free entry or exit option will correct aberration from such conditions; the exit option by non-economic considerations is the modality for the government sector, but this is mostly constrained and voice as a solution is effective only in a democratic polity where transparency and accountability have become part of political and administrative culture. In an underdeveloped democratic polity even that option may not exist. In our deliberations the focus is primarily on the government and we shall adopt a narrow definition even though wider definition has been used in the literature on corruption.


Please visit for more information.

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Latest Bangla News News

Bangla terror suspect held near border with Nepal
Joint operation by NIA Bengal, Nepal police. The arrest of a 29-year-old youth from the Indo-Nepal border has alarmed Central and state security and intelligence community, investigating the October 2 blast at Burdwan. Although there is no official …
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Indo-Bangla border guards to meet in Sylhet
AGARTALA, Nov 6 – Action against Indian insurgents and dismantling of their hideouts in Bangladesh would be the top agenda when Indo-Bangla border guards meet at Sylhet beginning November 17, according to official sources. Besides, the BSF authority …
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NTV Bangla News Live 16 September 2014 Bangladesh NTV News

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The Bengali Community outside Bengal

Bengalis are present everywhere. This community is spread not just in India but also in all parts of the world. They have adopted the culture and traditions of the place. Most of the Bengalis outside Bengal are engaged in work related to education, teaching, arts, media, and research and development work. Interestedly, Bengali language is the sixth most spoken language in the world. This also makes it clear about the spread of Bengali community around the world. Wherever the Bengalis goes, they have kept their unique culture and tradition alive. Whether it is organizing for the famous Durga Puja or preparing for the Bengali Matrimony rituals, the Bengali community outside Bengal observes them with originality.

The Bengali Matrimony customs and traditions outside Bengal have all the items required in any common Bangla community. From Bengali origin priests to decoration typical of Bengali matrimony function, the community members arrange all things even outside Bengal. The Bengali diaspora observes the rituals and customs very religiously.

Some of the uniqueness associated to a Bengali Matrimony Function is as follows:

Read is the auspicious one, Black is not used:

Bengali believes that Black is considered evil and hopelessness. The color is not used in any form in the wedding. Even the hairpins in the Bridal hairdo avoid the use of black. Red is considered the sign of good luck and fortune for the bride. The sindoor (vermillion) is bright red, the alta (colored liquid) in her feet is red and the flowers in her hair is red. Red signifies romance. The Bengali diaspora outside the state also goes by this faith and avoids black.

Banana Tree is another important thing associated with Bengali Matrimony:

The mandap, the place where the final rituals will take happen, has banana tree. It is used to decorate the place. This has significance. Banana tree produces a number of fruits at a time. This is compared to the bride, who is supposed to have many kids. It is a symbol of fertility. Bengalis still find the banana tree, even if it is a small one.

The Baran Daala:

The Baran Daala is another unique thing associated with the Bengalis. It is a bamboo tray where many ingredients are placed like grass, paddy seeds, sandal, fruits, flowers, curd, ghee, cloth, conch shell and metals like gold and silver. Besides these, there are many other things as well kept in number like seven beetle nuts, seven beetle leaves and seven shells.

 Use of the Conch Shells:

The use of conch shells in any auspicious occasion is Bengal is necessary. It goes for the wedding of Bengali matrimony. After the start and end of every ritual, the women member blows the conch shells. The sound of the conch shells is said to be making the environment divine. Even women community members outside Bengal still practice this custom. Blowing of conch shells are part of the event.

Besides these, food and the way men and women dress makes the entire Bengali matrimony function unique.

Shipra writes on behalf of, which is among the fastest growing Matrimonial Sites of India. helps the users to search bridegroom from their respective community like Bengali Matrimony with their online matrimonial and match making services.

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NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival is Back on October 25th 2014

(PRWEB) October 16, 2014

This past weekend NewFilmmakers LA hosted its annual On Location Film Fest Event which showcased 19 different films ranging from short narratives to documentaries to music videos. Each film highlighted the diverse beauty and culture of Los Angeles. Actor and comedian Parvesh Cheena (A to Z, Sean Saves the World, Outsourced) hosted the event. Generous donations from sponsors Alternative Rentals, Mole Richardson, and MovieMagic totaled over $ 50,000 dollars in prizes as an effort to support Los Angeles based local filmmakers.

On October 25th NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival will celebrate both Los Angeles based filmmakers and international filmmakers from the Philippines, Signapore, and the UK. More information about the films has been included below.

The Last Killing – Directed by Sati Kaur

Satwant Singh Manak joined the Punjab Police to provide his family with a stable income. But in the early 1990s in response to urgency, Indian security forces committed widespread torture and unlawful killings in Punjab. The Last Killing follows Manak as he organizes the families of the victims to attend a hearing of cases at the Punjab and Janyana High Court in August 2013.

Director, USC Film School graduate, and US Army Veteran Sati Kaur served as a Preventative Medicine Specialist for one year in Baghdad. She currently works for ENSAFF, an organization that documents the stories of political violence in Punjab, India. The Last Killing is the winner of Best Human Rights Film at the IOWFF Amnesty International Festival, Best Short Documentary film at the Sikh International Film Festival, and the Creative Media Award at Sikhlens Film Festival.

The First Hope – Directed by Jeremy David White

Johnny loves Star Wars. Matter of fact, Johnny loves just about any movie he can get his hands on. On a summer afternoon he kicks back with Empire while his older sister Karen is left to babysit. But when Johnny watches Princess Leia kiss Luke Skywalker, his curiosity sparks and he grapples with a new confusing feeling toward Karen.

Award-winning director Jeremy David White graduated from UCLA, where his work as a student earned him 2 MPAA awards and a Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award. Jeremy’s short film Committed screened at the 2009 Cannes Short Film Corner. He is now developing his first feature film based on an adaptation of The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards, with James Franco and Rabbit Bandidi producing.

The First Hope has screened at a number of film festivals including LA Film Fest, Cinequest, Dallas International Film Festival, and the Maryland Film Festival. Actress Lili Reinhart (Surviving Jack, The Kings of Summer) stars in this coming-of-age comedy.

Welcome to the Building – Directed by Matt Tente

A contained thriller that explores the dangers of an innocent crush and online infatuation that takes an unexpected and dark turn, when Clare moves in next to an unassuming and unstable neighbor.

Welcome to the Building stars Clare Scott (Love and Dating in LA), Alex Weed (Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Pretty Little Liars), and Adam Hagenbuch (The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Modern Family, Major Crimes). Director Matt Tente has worked for distinguished production companies including Scott Rudin Productions, The Gotham Group, and Landscape Entertainment.

Chrysalis – Directed by John Klein

Living in the aftermath of the apocalypse, survivors journey across a barren, decayed world and fight off zombie-like infected creatures that once were human.

This post-apocalyptic thriller was shot just outside of Chicago in the abandoned and historical city of Gary, Indiana, and the majority of the film was funded by over 350 Kickstarter backers. Film director John Klein is known for directing the Bangladesh documentary Strong Bodies Fight, and lensing the HBO GO web series Single Long.

PagPag (The Refuse) – Directed by John Paul Su

This film tells the story of an elderly woman who auditions her granddaughter to potential adoptive parents as a solution to her own destitution, and the utterly surprising clash of cultures that result.

The Hitchhiker – Directed by Alexander Harrison Jacobs

Nancy Adams, “twenty-something” is driving cross-country to Hollywood to become a star. Only she’s not alone. She’s being pursued by an unrelenting stranger who may be a figment of her imagination.

Dubols – Directed by Kaz Ove’

Chris visits a hypnotherapist to cure his unrelenting nightmares, only to find that reality may be worse than his dreams.

Hypnotizmus – Directed by Alex Darke and Trevor L. Nelson

A girl attempting to recover from the grief of the death of her husband; a homeless “mad man” wandering the streets…an unnerving discovery…a metaphysical, spiritual journey.

Premium Harmony – Directed by Toby Louie and Daniel Algarin

Based on a story by Stephen King, Premium History is about a young couple struggling for relationship survival. They are at a pivotal point in their marriage when tragedy strikes. This dark comedy takes up on the ups and downs of one of life’s many experiences.

Located in Downtown LA, AT&T Center is the Presenting Venue Sponsor of NewFilmmakers LA (NFMLA). Founded in 2007, NFMLA has screened over 850+ films from over 51 countries. NFMLA boasts over 20,000 supporters locally. The organization provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized with title supporters Sony Pictures Entertainment, SAG-AFTRA and LA Weekly.

For information or to purchase tickets to the NewFilmmakers LA October 25th screening, please visit

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Orbex launches Orbex Web TV for traders

London (PRWEB UK) 9 June 2014

Making it easier to get the latest news on global stocks, forex, commodities and more from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Orbex recently launched Orbex Web TV in cooperation with Trading Central. Trading Central is a leading investment research provider to financial market professionals with technical strategies covering equity, index, forex, commodities and fixed-income markets.

Traders and partners can now watch Orbex Web TV video reports directly from the NYSE with a focus on global stocks, forex and commodities twice a week as well as exclusive trading opportunities identified by the best technical research team in the industry.

“With our ongoing focus on enhanced customer service, we are pleased to help traders get the latest information and reports via Orbex Web TV,” said Abdullah Abbas, Managing Director of Orbex. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with Trading Central to offer expanded information for our traders and partners across the globe who are interested in forex, stocks and commodities as well as updates from the New York Stock Exchange.”

Formerly AFBFX, Orbex was recently rebranded in recognition of the company’s enhanced customer service for traders and partners. Orbex now provides a one-hour response time to all customer inquiries in addition to easy funds withdrawal and multi-lingual service in 13 languages, including English, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Urdu, Persian, Greek, French and Italian. The Orbex website, which hosts the Orbex Web TV episodes, is available in 10 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, German, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, Urdu, Japanese and Persian.

The new Orbex will continue to enhance offerings for traders, improving trading technologies and providing a range of instruments, making trading and diversifying investment portfolio easier than ever. Orbex provides clients with the very competitive trading terms and conditions in the market on currencies and other instruments, offering a diverse range of products including Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals, Future Contracts (OTC), Equity Indices (OTC), CFDs and Energy Contracts. The Orbex MT4 platform helps traders easily explore a variety of markets.

About Orbex

As an innovative international broker, Orbex LTD takes pride in providing top quality financial services to individuals and institutions alike. Our business experience, market knowledge and advanced technology makes entry to the worldwide market a reality for all. Fully licensed and regulated, our trading expertise is in currencies, precious metals, commodities, CFDs and Futures. The award-winning Orbex MT4 platform allows traders and investors to gain access to global capital markets. With a well-equipped head office located in Limassol, Cyprus and Kuwait and a highly experienced team from diverse international and professional backgrounds, Orbex was awarded “Most Innovative ECN Broker” at the 2013 Jordan Forex Expo and “Best FX Technology Provider” at the 2013 Saudi Money Exhibition and Conference. For more information, please visit

The Citizens Foundation Shares Lessons Learned Opening 1,000 Schools in Pakistan With Education Goal to Help Millions of Children Around the World

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) October 11, 2014

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has passed its historic milestone of opening 1,000 schools for underprivileged children in Pakistan – and now it wants to share its recipe for success with public and private educators to help millions more children around the world.

Speaking on Wednesday, October 8, at a conference on the Pakistan education crisis co-hosted by TCF and the Woodrow Wilson Center, the organization’s founder and chairman Mushtaq Chhapra said: “We want millions of children to benefit from the program that TCF has been working on for all these years.

“The milestone of 1,000 schools has been achieved and now people want to know what we are going to do next. We have always maintained that what we have learned is the wealth of our country. All that we have learned should be leveraged in Pakistan, in the region and around the world. This is the honest desire.”

Founded in 1995 to focus on quality education for girls and boys in Pakistan, TCF now runs 1,000 schools in the nation’s poorest urban slums and rural areas for 145,000 primary and secondary age children.

Despite TCF’s success, Pakistan’s public system is in crisis. With an estimated 173 million people, it is the 6th most populous country in the world, but 92 million aged over 15 can’t read or write. Of all males aged 15 and above, 47% are illiterate while for females the percentage is considerably higher at 72%.

In the first of a planned series of conferences on education reform hosted by TCF – titled “Pakistan’s Biggest Challenge: Turning Around a Broken Education System” –

Mr Chhapra explained: “We need to come together to find practical solutions to these problems.”

TCF has already held intensive talks with education leaders in Pakistan about private/public partnerships and a pilot program involving 70 schools receiving books, curriculum agendas and teacher training from the Karachi-based non-profit that employs 7,700 teachers in an all-female faculty designed to help conservative parents feel more comfortable about sending their daughters to school.

TCF schools currently boast 48% female students. “Right from the start, the goal of TCF was to get as many girls in the schools as possible,” said Danial Noorani, CEO and founder of the organization’s fund-raising partner in the United States, TCF-USA.

TCF’s offer to fellow educators was just one of a number of innovative ideas discussed at the daylong conference at the DC conference which was videotaped in full by the Wilson Center and posted HERE.

Dr. Irfan Muzaffar, a founding member of the Campaign for Quality Education in Pakistan, revealed shocking statistics from a soon-to-be published report that suggested that as many as 25 million children in the country are currently out of school. Of those going to class, 40% are going to private schools, compared to 10% in the United States, he said.

One answer could be for the private sector to “adopt” neglected public schools while keeping them free of charge to students, he said, adding that it was imperative to redouble the focus on improving the quality of public schools and regulating the private education marketplace.

Former Pakistan finance minister Shahid Javed Burki offered little hope for the nation’s dire public education system. “The country should put its faith in the private sector – and put its faith particularly in women,” he added.

Jumaina Siddiqui, a US-Pakistan Fellow with the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council, argued that education doesn’t rate as a high enough priority in Pakistan politics and that elected officials need to play a much bigger role. “The four provincial education ministers should sit down and discuss what is happening,” she said. “These types of dialogue are difficult but they are necessary.”

Pakistan’s recent Punjab Education Reform Initiative has shown the way by achieving major milestones in the enrollment of 1.5 million more children as a result of a new roadmap implementation and in an additional 37,000 teachers showing up for work each day compared to the days before the provincial reforms, said Saad Rizvi, senior vice president at Pearsons and a member of the task force team.

The roadmap, initiated in 2011, focused on improving enrollment, attendance and learning outcomes. “The foundations are there in Punjab, but there is still a long, long way to go,” he said.

Dr. Douglas Johnston, president and founder of the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, spoke movingly about his efforts to mediate with Madrasas in Pakistan to foster better relations with the West.

“If you want to drain the swamp of extremism, you deal with the ideas behind the guns. Winning hearts and minds is contagious,” he said.

Dr. Johnston explained that many modern conventions of education, such as mortar boards and tassels worn at graduations, had roots in the Madrasa system. “Few in the West are mindful of the illustrious history of these religious schools. Back in the Middle Ages they were without peer as pillars of higher learning and the European exposure to them led to our own university system,” he said.

Dr Liesbet Steer, a fellow at the Center for Universal Education at Brookings, discussed Bangladesh’s successful education reforms and the lessons that could be learned in Pakistan.

“Look at education as a modern civil rights movement.” That’s what former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told Baela Raza Jamil, education activist and head of ASER Pakistan, a citizens learning and accountability initiative.

“Girls matter,” she said, addressing Pakistan’s poor record in gender equal education.

Education has to be looked at along with other key factors like health, nutrition, population and the environment, not just on its own, she told the conference, underlining the importance of secondary education as well as primary schools.

A second TCF-hosted conference seeking a solution to Pakistan’s education emergency is planned for February 2015 in partnership with University of California Berkeley’s Pakistan Initiative.

Any questions on TCF or the October 8 conference should be directed to:

David Gardner

Media Relations, TCF

+1 310 433 2392


THE CITIZENS FOUNDATION USA supports the building of civil society in Pakistan and promotes gender equality by providing quality scientific and balanced education for underprivileged children.

TCF-USA Website:

Bangladesh’s Popular Events And Festivals Guide!!!

A large number of events are observed throughout the country. These are the true reflectors of the old traditions of the majority of the population of Bangladesh. These events are colorful and interesting enough to entertain you as well as to give you too many opportunities to learn about the destinations culture you are visiting. If you take Bangladesh flights must catch anyone of them. Although the event celebrated in the country are too many. Let us take a brief look at some of these.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi: Majority of the population of Bangladesh is Muslim, and the day of birth of Holy Prophet (P.B.UH) named as Eid-Milad-un-Nabi is perhaps the most celebrated religious event in the country. During this event the whole country transforms itself into a beautifully decorated site. It is celebrated on the 12th of 3rd month of Islamic calendar. If you take flights to Bangladesh during this period you will be observing thousands of people in the streets attending this procession. Not only in Bangladesh but throughout the Muslim World this day is celebrated with great honor.

Pahela Baishakh: The dates of 14 or 15 April of Georgian calendar are considered as the Bangladeshi year. The date has been also serving as the commencement day of financial year in Bangladesh. If you take flights to Bangladesh and join this event you will be observing locals wearing festive clothes that show the joy of people. The day is begun with a heavy and hearty breakfast and there is national holiday on this first day of New Year. It is in fact a cultural day of the locals.

Independence Day: Bangladesh got its independent status on 26th March, 1971; this date is celebrated as the national day of the country. If you catch cheap Bangladesh flights on this date you will be much pleased to observe the independence ceremony commencing with firing guns and thriving fire crackers.

Christmas: The religious day of Christians is also celebrated throughout the country especially in Dhaka. If you take flights to Bangladesh from UK you may go for prayers and Christians gathering at any of the many places in Dhaka including; St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Portuguese Church, the Church of Bangladesh, and Bangladesh Baptist Sangha.
Other festivals in the country include; Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-ul-Fitar, Mother Language Day, and Mouharram.

I am a frequent flyer to different tourists destinations. I have heard a lot about and also planned to take flights to cheap flights to Bangladesh to explore this beautiful city

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Reach Dhaka In 2 Hrs 40 Minutes From Delhi

Dhaka City is the capital of  Bangladesh and it is the 9th largest city in Asia, once it was the provincial capital and the centre of worldwide muslim trade and it was the second biggest city of undivided Bengal, and became the capital of East Pakistan, during partition in 1947 as India and Pakistan. Later, when Bangladesh was formed in 1971, Dhaka became its capital.

New Delhi is the Capital City of India and all airlines, both domestic and international, operate flight services from its Indira Gandhi International Airport to various parts of the World.

There are  about 20 flight connections operating among Dhaka to New Delhi flights, most of the days 2 of them flying as direct flight between these two destinations. These routes are operated by 18 airline companies, Srilankan Airlines operating 2 one stop flights among Dhaka to New Delhi flights. Jet Airways flies the non-stop schedule and these non-stop flights cover the distance by 2 hrs and 40 minutes.

The following airlines operate the Dhaka to New Delhi flights, in some cases connecting flights from other airline companies.

•Air India
•Jet Airways
•Kingfisher Airlines
•Thai Airways
•Malaysia Airlines
•Singapore Airlines
•Cathay Pacific
•SriLankan Airlines
•Klm Royal Dutch
•Sahara Airlines
•Air Arabia
•Saudi Arabian
•Biman Bangladesh
•Kuwait airways

While 16 airlines out of the above 18 operate on Dhaka to New Delhi flights schedule, another 16 carriers operate in the flight schedules of New Delhi to Dhaka flights on normal days.

The shortest flight between New Delhi and Dhaka  covers a distance of  2355 miles.

The largest aircraft is that of Singapore Airlines which is a 330 with 285 seats and the smallest aircraft is  Malaysia flight 330 with a capacity of 229 seats; and on a day there are 34472 passenger seats available for travel in Dhaka to New Delhi flights.

The lowest quoted fare in New Delhi to Dhaka flights. is around 16167 INR  by non-stop flight and 9178 INR for one stop flight on some week days, whereas the lowest air fare in Dhaka to New Delhi flights stands at 19254 INR and 11604 INR respectively. It is also interesting to note that the highest fare on the very same day goes up to 139183 INR in a one- stop flight.

It is to be noted that air fares vary according to days and dates of booking, and the above variations are given for illustrative purposes.

Rock Rodney is an expert author for flight articles who provides information about international flights including Dhaka to New Delhi flights. Get all exclusive information about New Delhi to Dhaka Flights and International Flights Booking.

Adventure and Game at Bangladesh Sundarbans

The deeply populated Bangladesh is such a challenge for adventurers, hunters and enthusiastic tourists because of world’s superior deltas, rivers, bays and beach lines. Spanning the border between Bengal and Bangladesh, where the Ganges gathers the Bramaputra and Meghna rivers on its path to the Bay of Bengal, placed is the mighty Sundarbans that may be one of the last habitats of the bravura Royal Bengal Tiger to which explore and observe the fervent tourists and researchers frequently take the flights to Bangladesh from all over the globe. The word “Sundarbans” is translated as “the attractive forest”, the site is also affirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The Sundarbans are in fact the biggest littoral mangrove strip in Bangladesh, stretching about 80km into the Bangladeshi vicinity from the seashore. The forests aren’t just mangrove marshes only; rather they embrace some of the last remaining stands of the forceful jungles which once sheltered the Gangetic plain. Take the cheap flights to Bangladesh and discover such an amazing masterpiece of nature. The Sundarbans is spanning to an area of about 38,500 sq km, of which about one-third is dipped in water. Since, 1966 there has been developed a wildlife reserve, and it is projected that there are now 400 Royal Bengal tigers and about 30,000 deer in the quarter. Loads of botanists and zoologists make particularly the flights to Bangladesh to enhance their knowledge and experience


This is an area of nearly dreamlike natural beauty featured by mangrove jungles, swamps and heavily forested islands. Trailing through them an arrangement of modest rivers, filled to stuffed with wildlife; sketch out the group of islands that make up the Sundarbans. Book your seats in flights to Bangladesh and explore through these awesome scenic vistas.


The real treasure here is an individual so outstanding that it’s in a standard of its own. The Royal Bengal Tiger is not an easy animal to observe and, in any case, it’s one to be at a secure distance from, but to notice one is a rare treat indeed. These sly cats have modified themselves to this soggy environment and are such good swimmers that they escort a sensibly amphibious life. One of the biggest of the ‘big cats’, the Bengal tigers has a particularly bold colour and a prominent pattern which serves as very valuable conceal.


Sundarbans is in fact a treasure for the sportsmen, the hunters and the photographers with its profusion of game and adventure thus reserve now your places in the cheap flights to Bangladesh and delight that awesome adventure.

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