Poignant pictures which show life for the outcast transgender people in

Poignant pictures which show life for the outcast transgender people in
A photographer has captured these poignant pictures showing the life of the outcast transgender people in Bangladesh. Shahria Sharmin decided to get to know the transsexual minority group, known as Hijras, who are shunned from society in most of …
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Bangladesh envoy briefs Minister on Dhaka art fest
“The Bangladesh Biennale, since its beginning, has attempted to display the kaleidoscope of various artistic endeavours in which continuity and change come together. It showcases the artistic heritage and contemporary aesthetic trends in Asia. Most of …
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Bangla PM, Modi likely to meet on UNGA sidelines
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to hold first meeting with her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on September 27 on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, a foreign ministry official said here …
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Ruposhi Bangla goes on renovation closure from Monday
Ruposhi Bangla Hotel will remain closed for sixteen months from Monday due to its renovation works and it will be rebranded as 'InterContinental Dhaka' once the renovation is done. “The hotel will be closed Monday as its main renovation work is going …
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Governor of the State of Yucatan presents the 17th Microcredit Summit

(PRWEB) August 28, 2014

The Governor of Yucatán, Rolando Zapata Bello, presented the 17th Microcredit Summit at a press conference; this event is organized by the Microcredit Summit Campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Economy through the National Microenterprise Financing Program (PRONAFIM) and will take place from September 2nd to the 5th at the Convention Center Yucatan Siglo XXI in the city of Merida.

“It is a great responsibility for Yucatan to host the 17th Microcredit Summit logistically but especially in creating a setting in which the work carried out at the conference reflects national and international strategies to democratize credit and reduce poverty,” he stated.

In his message, the state official affirmed that the more than one thousand attendees who are expected to attend the event, will find Yucatan the ideal place for microfinance innovation given that it is a place of origins and intercultural connections with the ideal conditions to carry out international-sized events.

The Microcredit Summit Campaign was started in 1997 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, John Hatch, founder of FINCA, and Sam Daley-Harris, creator of RESULTS, a citizen movement to end poverty, with her majesty Queen Sofia from Spain as an honorary member. The Campaign’s initial goal was to ensure that 100 million of the world’s poorest families receive access to microcredit.

Today, 16 years and Microcredit Summits later and having attracted over 15,000 delegates from over 100 countries, the Campaign has become the largest global platform for government leaders, financial institutions, businesses, religious groups and civil society organizations working together to provide financial services to those excluded from the financial system, enabling them to escape from extreme poverty.

During the press conference, Ms. Elenitza Canavati Hadjopulos, general coordinator of PRONAFIM, and Larry Reed, director of the Campaign, were also present. Ms. Canavati emphasized that Mexico was chosen as the venue in 2014 because of the extraordinary measures implemented in regards to financial inclusion in order to stimulate the economic mobility of the population at the base of the pyramid. PRONAFIM was specifically highlighted as having been shown to provide economic stability for millions of families living in poverty.

“Once again, Mexico has shown how the government and financial service providers can work together to to provide more possibilities to families to move out of poverty,” Reed said.

One of the topics to be addressed will be the inspiration for this event: “The Next Generation: Innovations in Microfinance.” The analysis of a study Creative Metier (UK) undertook for the Summit, will be disclosed, outlining the key features that should characterize the next generation of industry leaders in order to achieve full financial inclusion. Another session uses Mexico as a case study to explore what the government, regulators, and financial service providers can do to reduce over indebtedness and make financial markets safer for vulnerable people.

Reed also announced the participation of keynote speakers, including Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, Shameran Abed (director of microfinance at BRAC Bangladesh), Yves Moury (executive director of Fundación Capital in Colombia), Tara Nathan (executive director of public-private partnerships at MasterCard Worldwide in the United States), and Alfonso García Mora (practice manager at the World Bank in the US)

Elenitza Canavati, general coordinator of PRONAFIM—after expressing the pride and honor that Mexico has been chosen to conduct the event and her appreciation for the great support that has been received by the governor of Yucatán—shared that at least 1,000 representatives of microfinance institutions partners and managers of industry, associations, organizations, as well as delegates from at least 75 countries are expected.

She also reported that the Summit will be preceded by the XIII National Microfinance Meeting, a national event that PRONAFIM has organized annually for 12 years to guide the sector in the development of strategies, partnerships, and action plans and to analyze the impact of public policy on microfinance in the country.

She stressed the importance of these events to raise awareness of how the Government of the Republic, through programs like PRONAFIM, aims to bring financial services to the population who currently lacks them. “The Summit will be an event that will go well with PRONAFIM’s achievements in which we plan to provide over 1,800 million pesos, “she said.


The Microcredit Summit Campaign (the “Campaign”), a project of RESULTS Educational Fund, is the largest global network of institutions and individuals involved in microfinance and is committed to two important goals: 1) reaching 175 million of the world’s poorest families with microfinance and 2) helping 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty. The Campaign convenes a broad array of actors involved with microfinance to promote best practices in the field, to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and to work towards alleviating world poverty through microfinance.

Exciting News ‘

Last night, I entered into a forum about eyeglasses. It is said that Firmoo optical store will give away 1,000pairs of free glasses including prescription eyeglasses and non prescription eyeglasses everyday. It sounds wonderful, but still a lot of netizens doubt its truth, after all, there is no free lunch in this world. I also wonder about the events. But some of people leave the messages that they have got the free eyeglasses from Firmoo already last time and they assure their giveaway activity this time. Thus, I am a little hesitated and decide to know more about their details to make sure whether it is true or not.

I found that Firmoo is a really rich and sufficient eyeglasses offering optical store. They usually push on sales, this time they provide 1,000 pairs of free prescription eyeglasses and non prescription eyeglasses for consumers only if we register on their site and lucky enough to win the voucher after we participate in the lucky draw. They will send their voucher code with the amount of $ 8, $ 10, $ 12, $ 15, $ 18 and $ 20 to our emails. If you are one of the luck ones , you can use the voucher code to purchase their eyeglasses, that sounds great, we only pay for the freight charge if the price of the eyeglasses we choose is less than the amount of the voucher. They are really considerable and approve the unlucky ones to try another time the next day. Thus, we have a large possibility to win their vouchers. Ultimately, I catch the most exciting news that people who win the draw this time also can participate in the campaign the next week.

The Firmoo system will prompt us the lucky draw results. If we win, it will send the corresponding voucher code to our mail box (the one you use when you participate in the lucky draw). If we are Firmoos member, we can directly log in to use this voucher; if not, we should register as their member first.

As I am new member there, I quickly register and almost can not wait for the arriving of their giveaway draw event. I hope I will be the lucky one!

Firmoo.com is the fastest growing online community selling affordable yet high quality prescription eyeglasses, cheap wholesale sunglasses and other eyewear. Firmoo’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with Firmoo risk-free. Be sure to get your prescription wraparound sunglasses ready.

Delicious Bengali Foods

Hilsa is the nationwide seafood with Bangladesh. Hilsa is a valuable part of your Arabic lifestyle. Just one cannot think about the monsoon within Bengal without the need of baking as well as giving for fried Hilsa, or Ilish, as it is known in Hindi. It’s also related to strict ceremonies, plus acquiring hilsas on soma instances like on the day associated with Saraswati Puja can be even regarded as auspicious.

Basically a lot seafood, hilsa grabbed in the ocean are narrow plus modest, instead of whatsoever yummy. While in the rainy period, the particular species of fish frolic in the water in the national canals to lay ova, and stay fleshy and delicious. Fairly sweet water Hilsa, specially from the lake Padma this flows by Bangladesh are generally regarded the very best around flavour.
Types of approaches to prepare the actual hilsa. It could be reviewed, fried, steamed, baked. Often it is usually engrossed in younger plantain leaves along with baked in the piping-hot pan with grain. It could be organized by using curd, brinjal or perhaps environmentally friendly blueberry.

This is a recipke to make Hilsa using mustard seed.

Elements desired

Hilsa bass: 700 game master (might be taken by using Salmon, seems just about precisely the same)

Mustard seed: Five to six tsp complete

Stick involving Environmentally friendly chillies: Six and also Seven

Turmeric extract: one half tsp . total

Petrol: 6 or 7 teaspoons

Salt for you to style


Bathe your sea food effectively. Come up with a substance on the mustard seed-stock and also merge perfectly while using turmeric root extract plus environment friendly spicy pepper composite. Coat a striper using this blend combined with sodium and also the gas. Marinate for around an hour. And then bake within a stove with regard to 14 minutes, until eventually tender. Serve very hot by using baked hemp.

I am the content writer for Christmas Gifts of sites indian food recipes, begali food recepies,, indian cooking,

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Today Bangla TV Early Live Afternoon News Bangladesh 16 September 2014

Today Bangla TV Early Live Afternoon News Bangladesh 16 September 2014

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Common Things to Know About Shipping to Bangladesh

The world’s seventh most crowded country, there is immense possible for business to make a blotch in Bangladesh- particularly if they have dependable and money-making means of organizing international shipping. The state is one of the world’s immense exporters and its financial system has benefit from a longer run of continual growth than the almost wherever in the world’s commencing the middle 1990s to the current days. However, it’s preliminary from a very low bottom and is still fraught by its sub- standards communications, conflicting, slow monetary reforms, power supplies etc.


The proceeding of dismantling a ship in such manner so that its piece materials can be second-hand and exercise is called ship- breaking. The ship- breaking activity is usual completed is dry wharf, piers, take apart slips. Ship breaking is a compound activity which engage a range of achievement like gears and removing equipments and then recycling the complete communications of the ship. Being a multifaceted and demanding process owning to its structural complexity. Ship breaking engrosses many environment healths, safety issues. Ship breaking activities have been synchronized in the dry docks, however, ship- breaking along beaches have not be subjected to an sufficient control. Breaking laid off old ships facilitates the scraps materials like steel used in the ship to be recycled and reused. Through this means not only the squander material is used but also proffer lower spending in assessment to the money that strength be exhausted in important or dispensation of irons ores.


Though ships breaking as an activity give a several improvement, it’s also careful as one of the most dangerous occupations. This is because ship- breaking involve dealing with dangerous materials like toxic paints, polychlorinated biphenyl that were originally used in the building of ships. These materials are harmful for the environment as well as the human body, chiefly of those workers who work in close get in touch with these hazardous goods of ship manufacturing materials. In adding to that, the essential health desires and issues are also over appear in these parts of the earth. However this fact has been given due to concentration and global labour association is looking into the substance to recover the deterioration condition of worker utilization in these industries. The fragment material from ship- breaking can be utilize for various purpose which includes the renewed ferrous scrap for the produce of simple steel products. Several automatic spare parts and electrical mechanism also find proper usage in other functions.


Therefore, this recycling of goods through ship- breaking plays an optimistic role in reuse of scrap material. This serves a beneficial purpose, however social welfare and ecological managements are few feature that one must be take care of correctly. Environmentally dangerous material should not be reprocessing along with other reusable merchandise.


The scrapped material from the ship breaking can be second-hand for various reason which include using the rehabilitated ferrous leftovers for the manufacture of easy steel products. Several mechanical spare element and electrical mechanism also find correct usage in other purpose.

ESL freight forwarder in Singapore – Leading Shipping companies Bangladesh provides project cargo, sea fright services and Container shipping in Singapore.

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JU war cry #hokkolorob was born in Bangladesh

JU war cry #hokkolorob was born in Bangladesh
Hok kolorob (#hokkolorob) are no longer the words Rajib Ashraf recited over tea and snacks at an adda in the Bangladesh capital 10 years ago; they now embody the soul of the student agitation sweeping through Kolkata campuses and streets in the wake of …
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Bangladesh beat Singapore 2-1
Bangladesh national hockey team finally had something to cheer as they recorded a comfortable 2-1 goal victory over Singapore in Pool A match of 17th Asian Games hockey held on Tuesday at Seonhak Hockey stadium in Incheon. Though the result might …
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7pc growth possible
Bangladesh has to address infrastructure deficit, productivity gap and diversification of export base if it wants to move to a higher growth trajectory, Standard Chartered Bank said in its latest report. The country has the potential to grow at more …
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Channel 24 Bangla News (12 September 2014 at 05pm)

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Quarterly News Sphinx Asia News

Sphinx Asia Wealth Management News Letter 1st Quarter 2011

We are recommending five (5) stocks for immediate purchase to implement a portfolio sector and issue shift in equities that emphasizes the undervalued nature of corporate assets where the whole is priced at less than the sum of its parts. This situation is emanating from segments of the Chinese market.

We have, as well, a certain turnaround situation in the US industrial sector. In addition, we are the beneficiaries of some highly regarded private research, that our clients have successfully relied upon in the past, to identify terrific opportunities in emerging industries and technologies; all poised for big quick moves once these fundamental realities become evident to main stream investors.

We also have a new recommendation in the gold market where we have generated substantial gains for our clients in the past.

From these recommendations, our clients will have great opportunities for massive gains over the next 6 months to 2 years. These 5 stock picks are now must own positions that will move higher regardless of overall market sentiment.

Buy Gammon Gold (NYSE: GRS)

Buy Yahoo!, Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)

Buy General Motors (NYSE: GM)

Buy GreenCell Technologies (XETRA: GT5.DE)

Buy DirectView Holdings, Inc. (OTC.BB: DIRV)


Gammon’s recent exploration success forms a core of my updated investment thesis. During the first half of 2010 alone, Gammon discovered three new deposits at its Ocampo gold and silver mine, and it swiftly replaced nearly two-thirds of estimated 2010 production with
127,750 gold-equivalent ounces (GEOs) in new reserves. One of those three deposits, Santa Eduviges, has been fast-tracked for development, and production is expected to commence any day now.

Capital Gold’s (AMEX:CGC) board has unanimously endorsed Gammon’s proposed merger. The pro forma company emerges as a titan among the smaller mid-tier gold producers. Capital Gold’s El Chanante mine will double Gammon’s gold reserves to 3 million ounces — apart from Gammon’s existing trove of 66 million ounces of silver. Gammon sees pro forma production averaging 230,000 ounces of gold per year for 2011 and 2012 at a jaw-dropping production cost of $ 78 per ounce.

As of Sept. 30, Gammon held a cash balance of $ 107 million and carried a debt-to-equity ratio of just 3.7%. Between that capital strength and the prospect of a Capital Gold merger, I see a golden opportunity to capitalize upon one of the industry’s most promising turnaround stories.

A forthcoming preliminary assessment of Gammon’s Guadalupe y Calvo project, a cementing of the Capital Gold merger, and impressive reserve expansion from that successful 2010 exploration campaign could all provide dramatic upside catalysts during 2010

We recommend the purchase of Gammon Gold (NYSE: GRS) at $ 8.00 per share

From these recommendations, our clients will have great opportunities for massive gains over the next 6 months to 2 years.

For more Details of our Quarterly News Letter: see www.sphinxasia.com

Sphinx Asia Wealth Management has more than 45 years of experience in the investment banking industry. This gives the firm exceptional insight into the global economys trends. By using unique research and innovative analytical tools, Sphinx Asia Wealth Management can help individuals and corporations reach their financial goals. Sphinx Asia Wealth Management also provides consulting services to clients interested in saving more of the money they earn by using offshore bank accounts.

BCB elects two vice-presidents

BCB elects two vice-presidents
The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) directors elected Mahbub Anam and AJM Nasiruddin as vice-presidents on Wednesday. They got 21 and 17 votes respectively, while another board director Najib Ahmed got eight votes. Mahbub is a former …
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WI seal Test sweep over Bangladesh
Bangladesh collapsed to a 2-0 series defeat against West Indies, losing the second and final Test by 296 runs with a day to spare. West Indies declared their second innings on 269 for four after Shivnarine Chanderpaul (101 not out) had completed his …
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Two WI players pick CLT20 over Tests
Simmons,Blackwell & Carlos Brathwaite, not to forget young Beaton and Cotterell these players should all have been selected to play against Bangladesh. please stop calling for my fave cricketers- Sarwan & Samuels. They have done little to merit selection.
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MobileRecharge.com Launched Its Official Twitter Channel for Best Offers and Bonuses

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

For everyone interested in getting the best offers on mobile recharges to different destinations worldwide, MobileRecharge.com launched its official Twitter page: https://twitter.com/MobileRecharges.

It is mainly dedicated to people living in other countries than their native one interested in sending a quick gift or supporting their friends and families back home with easy-to-send goods like mobile credit.

The newly developed Twitter profile is meant to support MobileRecharge.com customers by keeping them updated with the most recent promotions. Besides its Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn profiles, MobileRecharge.com will now keep customers informed in real-time on Twitter too. Feeds will mostly announce great bonuses on international top ups. It will also deal with tips and tricks for an easier use of the service as well as other useful aspects about technology, culture and lifestyle.

Daily offers will be posted in real time. From the moment the channel was launched, posts announced bonuses of over 100% and up to 700% credit on direct top ups. Airtime destinations include all continents. So far, posts advertised promotions to such countries as Argentina, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Vietnam, Ghana, Morocco, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and many more.

International top ups with MobileRecharge.com take less than 1 minute. The website is optimized for:

easy navigation and purchase from PC, tablet and mobile
secure payments via PayPal, or using any major credit/debit card
instant mobile load
24/7 customer support by chat, email, help center
best top up value on the global market
availability of recharge history and other transaction details in the online account
high accessibility due to its content in 5 languages
transparency of all communication
privacy focus (TRUSTe seal on website)

Customers value the service as “easy”, “fast” and “reliable”:

“Superb service, fast and efficient.” (User: Reevesabob on ResellerRatings.com)

“Overall very satisfied. Quick to add your credit and any questions you have they respond quickly. Highly recommended!” (User: westwood-36046 on ResellerRatings.com)

“It was very reliable. I want to send minutes to my mom, dad and my sister’s phone, and MOBILERECHARGE.COM did it. Thanks mobilerecharge.com.” (Ricardocousins on ResellerRatings.com)

“Easy to use and quick recharge. Thank you for the email confirmation.” (Janene_glyn on ResellerRatings.com)

About MobileRecharge.com

MobileRecharge.com is an interactive website and a brand of KeepCalling, a global telecommunications company registered in 2002 in the USA, and listed as no.16 among the fastest growing companies in the USA in 2013. KeepCalling, the company behind MobileRecharge.com, offers many telecom solutions: mobile recharges (direct top ups, airtime credit or mobile load), Voice Credit for calls and SMS, Virtual Numbers (local numbers), monthly plans for different destinations, through various ethnic websites. Presently, KeepCalling serves hundred of thousands of consumers and businesses worldwide, with a high focus on customer satisfaction.

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Travel Chittagong- The Beautiful City In Bangladesh

Bangladesh archaeological sites, historical mosques and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forests and tribal people, wildlife of various species makes it a perfect holiday destination. Let us explore Chittagong is Bangladesh’s second largest city. It is a talent of the city with numerous places of attraction and destinations. Although Chittagong is one of the busiest seaports, the city retains its natural peace and tranquility. Here are a large number of tombs, temples, beautiful hills and the most beautiful beaches of the world. Here, one can experience and enjoy the natural beauty and bounty of nature.

There are many significant places to see during your Chittagong tour. Each with its unique beauty and landscape, people loves to travel around. So let’s see some its important place of interest:

Tomb of Sultan Bayazid Botani is located on a small hill in Narisabad, about 6 miles north of the city of Chittagong. The shrine pulls a large number of visitors and travelers from around the globe. At the foot of the hill is a huge cistern containing hundreds of turtles.

World War II Cemetery is a well-maintained cemetery at a quiet and attractive place in Chittagong where lays 700. These soldiers came from various parts of the world, including Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, India, Japan, Netherlands and Myanmar. They came to Bangladesh during the Second World War. So make a point to pay homage to these martyrs during your Bangladesh travel.

Shrine of Shah Amanat is another place for religious purposes, located in downtown Chittagong. Hundreds of people come to visit here every day to honor the memory of Shah Amanat is Holy.

Foy’s Lake also known as the “Lake Pahartali” is located 8 kilometers from Chittagong is perfect picnic spot. The lake view and its surroundings are mind blowing in its beauty.

Sitakunda Located 37 kilometers from Chittagong located here the most well-known temples in Bangladesh like the famous Chandranath temple, Sitakuna or Labanakhya and Buddha Monastery.

Chandraghona located 48 kilometer from Chittagong, on the Kaptai Road famous leading paper mills of Asia is located here. The place has a very impressive sight that is visited by thousands of tourists every week. Not far from the paper mill is a factory of rayon, which produces synthetic fibers made from bamboo.

These are just few of them, there are many other place of interest in Chittagong, Bangladesh. So come and explore other places as well of this beautiful city.

There are number of  hotels in Bangladesh of every budget. There are many hotels in Chittagong and here are some of the most important hotels of Chittagong the second largest city of Bangladesh:

Hotel Agrabad
The Peninsula
Hotel Lord’s Inn (Pvt.)
Meridian Hotel and Restaurant
Hotel Silmoon
Hotel Saint Martin Ltd
Hotel Tower Inn

Make a point to discover Chittagong during your Bangladesh travel and unearth its natural beauty. Contact your nearest tour agency and explore this beautiful city of Bangladesh as well pamper yourself in one of it luxurious hotels.

The author is an expert writer with rich experience in tourism industry. At present, the author is writing for Hi-Tours, a leading tour operator in India on different topics like holiday packages, new delhi hotels, trekking tour, goa beach resort and others. To find more info, please visit Hi Tours

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