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Unlike, many other south Asian channels, Bangla TV channels are highly valued due to their sense of forecasting different flavors of the state. The TV programs are made in Tollywood which is known to deliver many genres of Bengali movies. The movies highlight the culture and tradition of West Bengal, its scenic beauty as well as the history of Calcutta. It was during the British rule when the city was considered to be the capital of India and majority of trading business was done by the river Hooghly. Calcutta is also known to deliver some of the most beautiful divas that are a recognizable face in the world. The divas latter migrated to Bollywood, the biggest movie making center of India and became famous actresses of the nation. Not only this, sport personalities such as Leander Paes, Sourav Ganguly and many other iconic figures have made the country as well as the city proud by playing some of the memorable matches. The former is known for his excellent ability in the court of Table Tennis while the latter was an ex cricketing captain and was selected to host the English version “Who wants to become a Millionaire?”

The show initially kicked off in the Hindi version known as “Kaun Banega Crorepati” which was hosted by the veteran actor “Amitabh Bachan”. Since, its success in the small screen the makers decided to launch the show in Bengali, thus, bringing the ex captain of the Indian cricket team “Sourav Ganguly” to host the desi tv program. Unlike, many other TV programs the Bangla TV channels airs programs that are based on family dramas, reality shows, musical programs and even Bengali movies. There are other channels that showcase cookery shows that bring some of the mouthwatering Bengali cuisine.

A fine mixture of Indian spices with rohu sends a tempting effect of the delicacy. The Bangla TV show also features the most celebrated festival of the state. “Durga Puja” marks as a celebration of good over evil and many south asian channels air live puja action in major Bengali channels.

There are certain Bangla TV programs which are worth seeing. It is therefore, one must opt for Bengali TV channels to take a look on different Bangla programs. For this, you can opt for a TV provider such as orderdesitv that delivers not only Bengali TV channels but also provides services for other desi TV channels.

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Bangladesh not repaying faith of adoring fans – Kumble
I am a Bangladeshi and an ardent cricket fan at that, but I completely agree with this. The players do give a lot; but compared to what fans do for them (including going on par in argument with Indians and Pakistanis about their team being the best) it …

3 Bangladeshi hurt in BSF firing
Three Bangladeshi nationals suffered bullet wounds in firing by members of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) in Thakurgaon and Satkhira Sunday and Saturday evening. In Thakurgaon, two Bangladeshi nationals were shot by the BSF members along …
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Features and Specials, 14 hours ago India, Bangladesh have it all to play for

Features and Specials, 14 hours ago India, Bangladesh have it all to play for
Mithali Raj, the India Women captain, has played roughly as much international cricket alone as the entire Bangladesh Women team. Despite the difference in experience between the two sides though, there isn't much separating them at the moment in terms …
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Fishing for solutions to malnutrition in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, where half the population lives below the poverty line, a UN-funded programme in the country's northwest has been working with farmers to breed nutrient-dense small fish for communities. By. Bill Code. UPDATED NOW. How to get enough …
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Bangladesh economy hit by unrest

Bangladesh economy hit by unrest
Bangladesh's economy is showing signs of turning around as the opposition alliance led by Bangladesh Nationalist Party's chairperson Khaleda Zia has taken a pause in its agitation against the Sheikh Hasina government. Since the Jan. 5 parliamentary …
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Cricket board bans Bangladeshis from flying rivals' flags
DHAKA: The Bangladeshi hosts of cricket's World Twenty20 threatened to ban local supporters Tuesday from stadiums if they are seen carrying the flags of any of the other teams competing in the tournament. The order came after an outcry over images of …

Cricket fans slam foreign flag ban in Bangladesh
Cricket fans are venting about Bangladesh's threat to ban fans who wave rival teams' national flags at the ongoing World Twenty20 tournament. The decision was taken after Bangladeshi fans were seen carrying Pakistani flags at another recent cricket match.

Relations entering age of renaissance

Relations entering age of renaissance
Alexander G Chesnokov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Agency for Cooperation with Foreign Countries, and Russian Ambassador in Dhaka Nikolaev Alexander made the comments in an interview with a small group of reporters at the capital's Ruposhi …
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Paraplegic girl waiting for 'saviour' at DMCH
Now in her 20s, the girl is undergoing treatment at the one-stop crisis centre of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). She barely remembers her past and identifies herself as Josna. Doctor says she needs rehabilitation. On June 6, 2012, after Josna …
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Load shedding replaced by 'power interruption'
We are working on it,” State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday. “We have specially tried to provide uninterrupted electricity supply to the rural areas during the T20 world cup, irrigation …
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Save More When You Call Bangladesh

There is no need to cut your conversation short when you call Bangladesh anymore. There are several ways to save on international calls, including calling cards and unlimited calling packages.

These days we’re all looking to save money wherever possible, and that includes being able to call home for cheap. It’s easy to keep the wallet full while also enjoying calls to friends and family in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rangpur, Khulna and more. So, let’s discuss the options.

Calling Cards

International callings card are popular because they are easy to get a hold of. But not all calling cards are created equal, with the biggest difference being that what you pay for in minutes is not always what you actually get in talk time. Here are some helpful calling card buying tips

1. Start with rate research: If want to call Bangladesh from UK, check with a few providers for the current call rates from your current country to your call destination.

2. Next check how calls are charged. Usually, providers round up calls to the next minute so that you lose more call credit than you’ve actually used. While it’s standard for many providers to round up to the half minute or minute, beware of providers that deduct in four-minute increments or charge for calls that never connect.

3. Expiration dates: Most – but not all – calling cards have expiration dates meaning you only have a limited number of days to use your call credit. Consider this before you put a lump sum on a calling card, and make sure you’ll get your money’s worth when you call Bangladesh.

Unlimited Calling Packages

If you make several, long calls to Bangladesh, consider purchasing an unlimited package to save the most money.

Here are some tips.

1. Unlimited calling bundles are sold in monthly or weekly bundles. You might be surprised at the range of prices but, in the end, cost is not the only factor, and you should also research the provider’s reputation.


2. Look for reviews or testimonials online to assess the provider’s call quality, reliability and customer service availability. If there are no reviews listed on their site, ask around with friends.


3. Make sure that the advertised monthly price is a flat rate to make cheap calls to Bangladesh, and that you will not incur extra charges each time you make a call. Some bundle providers will “hide” sign-up fees, contract requirements and connection charges in the fine print. But if you do your research, you can easily avoid these extra charges.


4. Know the limits of the offer. If the majority of the destination numbers you wish to call are to mobile numbers, ensure the unlimited offer allows for calls to both landlines and mobiles.

5. Understand that your unlimited package will not be truly “unlimited”. Many companies cannot offer actual unlimited packages due to fraud potential and to ensure all users of the offer receive a reasonable share of that offer. For monthly bundles, expect plans to cap between 1,500 to 2,000 minutes, and between 500 to 600 minutes for weekly packages.  But this is by no means the standard, with some providers offering far fewer minutes. Be sure to read the fine print.

Now you’re armed with all the info you need to call Bangladesh and save. Happy calling!




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“In this very time our country is falling in the fever of making “Flash Mob”.These mob’s are making with the theme song of ICC World T-20 cup. Like many othe…

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DVDVCDPLAZA.COM Releases DVD/VCD “Mondo Meyer Upakhyan” by Buddhadev Dasgupta

(PRWEB) June 18, 2005

Well-known Bengali director Buddhadeb Dasgupta, after his acclaimed “Mondo Meyer Upakhyan” (Tale of a Naughty Girl), returns with two films, including a Rahul Bose-Sameera Reddy starrer.

The poet-director’s “Swapner Din… Chased by Dreams” and “Kalpurush… Memories in the Mist”, starring Rahul and Sameera, are in Bengali and awaiting commercial release in India.

“Swapner Din” was screened under the Masters of World Cinema section at the recent Toronto Film Festival. The film is travelling to at least 30 other international film festivals.

Buddhadeb had bagged the Special Award for Best Director in the 2000 Venice Film Festival for his film “Uttara” (The Wrestler), 43 years after Satyajit Ray’s second of the famous Apu trilogy “Aparajito” won The Golden Lion at Venice.

Journeys are what fascinate filmmaker Buddhadeb. So his films like “Mondo Meyer Upakhyan”, “Uttara” and “Lal Darja” (The Red Door) deal with magical journeys in the lost world of innocence and fantasy, inspired by filmmakers like Luis Bunuel.

Mondo Meyer Upakhyan- Synopsis

It’s the late 60s in rural Bengal, Lati (Samata Das), the virginal daughter of a Rajani (Rituparna Sengupta), one of the most popular of the village prostitutes, wants desperately to get an education rather than follow in her mother’s footsteps. But Rajani has noticed that the all-powerful local businessman Natabar Paladhi (Ramgopal Bajaj), the lecherous owner of the local cinema amongst other things, has his eye on her, with the potential promise of a (financially) easier life. Lati seeks the help of schoolteacher Nagen (Pradeep Mukherjee) to leave her village for a better life.

Starring: Samata Das, Rituparna Sengupta, Arpan Basar, Tapas Pal, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Pradip Mukherjee, June Malia, Sudipta Chakraborty

Director: Buddhadev Dasgupta

Availability: All Buddhadev Dasgupta directed Bengali/bangla films are now available on

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Send cakes to Bangladesh online

You must have not even given a thought of sending cakes to Bangladesh thinking that it would take a lot of time and till then the cake would get spoilt.

There is no need for you to think even twice if you wish to send cakes to Bangladesh for any occasion. It is as simple as sending other gift articles. Most of them would still have a doubt in their mind as to how is it possible to deliver cakes to Bangladesh. Following are some tips which will help you know more about it.

Sending cakes like any other gift materials involves minimum efforts. The only two things you need is a computer in working condition and internet connection. You also need to have some knowledge about internet surfing, if you do not know internet browsing there is nothing to worry about, you can anytime learn it.

The first step is to start a computer and register on to the internet. Select any one search engine from the whole lot and type your keyword. All the relevant searches will display on the computer screen. Just click on a few ones which are appealing according to you and go through them. They will give you details on how they send cakes to Bangladesh as well as other presents. These are nothing but online gift stores. These prove to be a blessing on the present generation who do not have enough time to go out in search of gift items. You send gifts to different parts of the world even by resting on the armchair, with the help of such online shops.

The next step is, the online shop will display all the categories of gifts they send. You just have to click the cake category and a range of cakes will appear on the page. When it comes to eatables or other perishable stuffs, one may not find many options.

In the same way to send cakes to Bangladesh you will have to select one from the limited range. You need to decide your budget prior and it is wise to know the taste of the one close to heart to whom you are sending the cake. This is because some times when you send eatables to our loved ones if the flavour does not go with their taste then they may not consume it themselves and hence all the effort goes in vain. 

The best facilitating online shopping at Do send cakes to Bangladesh, send cakes to Bangladesh, send flowers to Bangladesh and other gifts to all major cities.

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Sending gifts to Bangladesh

Sending gifts through online is the new trend. Prior to upcoming of internet sending gifts was a time consuming task. You had to personally check out the stores, select good gifts, pack it well and then either courier or mail it to the destination you want. This could take up a lot of your money. On top of that there are many restrictions on the kind of gifts that can be sent. The size as well as type of gift that can be sent will depend on the cost related to it as well as the distance.

One of the matters of concern at the time of sending gifts to Bangladesh would be regarding the safety. However the fact is that online gift stores are very convenient as well as affordable as compared to that of the traditional method of sending gifts. These are the stores that will have collection of gifts for you to choose for various occasions. A few of the occasions for which you can get gifts are birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, promotions, clearing board exams and many other such special occasions. The gifts available with them would be divided into categories based on ages as well as on the basis of the males, females and children. The gift items will be displayed on their site with the prices.

Through these kinds of online gift stores you cannot only send gifts to Bangladesh but also send gifts to neighboring countries. The payment for these gifts can be done through debit as well as credit cards, this depends up on you as to which one you would like to use. You will just be required to enter the name, address as well as the contact information of the person you will be sending gifts to. In case there is some special occasion and you need to send gifts to Bangladesh on that date these shops can make arrangements for you.

Through this it can clearly be seen that world is coming closer through web.

Sending gifts to Bangladesh has become so easy that it is like sending gifts to neighbors. The only thing that you need to do is to be a bit careful at the time you are selecting a gift. One thing about which you need to be careful about is that you do not on the gift which actually much more that is buying it from elsewhere.



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US Peace Corps Suspends Activities in Bangladesh

(PRWEB) March 19, 2006

US Peace Corps has recently suspended its activities in Bangladesh. The report that the Peace Corps has decided to suspend its programme and its volunteers are going back has come as a shock to all who have a stake or interest in Bangladesh’s development. The reason given is that the terrorists might try to attack the Peace Corps volunteers in Bangladesh in retaliation for the capture of five of the top seven JMB terrorists. It is further learnt that this is not a hasty decision on the part of the Peace Corps but a result of careful assessment of the prevailing security environment in Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that, elite force Rapid Action Battalion very successfully captured notorious radicals extremists like Shaikh Abdur Rahman, Siddiqul Islam Bangla Bhai and their palls in recent operations.

Commenting on the decision of the US government, Bangladesh Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan said in disagreement over the reasons shown for the step The suspension of US Peace Corps operation in Bangladesh on security grounds is “unacceptable”.

“It might have point if the decision was before the arrest of militants…After the arrest of over 700 militants and the two top-most leaders in particular the ground of security concern is unacceptable,” he told reporters.

Khan said after the crackdown on militants and capture of the most wanted JMB leaders foreigners started coming to Bangladesh in big numbers.

He however said that US Peace Corps many times in the past had squeezed or expanded its programme not only in Bangladesh but in many other countries on the basis of their policy.

State Minister for Home Affairs in Bangladesh, Lutfuzzaman Babar told the local press that, he did not see any potential threat on the US and western establishments. He also mentioned that, if the US government would inform them with their observations, it would help Bangladesh government is putting focus on that particular point to ensure much safety and security to the foreigners in the country.

Many of the observers are surprised at the decision of the US government to withdraw the Peace Corps, at the time when Bangladesh was certainly on an advantageous position in combating Islamist radicals. The entire country stood against the rise of radicals, and people were jubilantly chanting anti radical slogans on the streets when two supremos of Jamiatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB) were captured.

It may also be mentioned here that, American establishments were under attack in countries like Kenya, Morocco and Jordan. But, despite such attacks, US Peace Corps never suspended their activities from these countries. Keeping eyes on this reality, it would be quite normal to ask question to the policymakers in Washington as to why Peace Corps decided to wrap up from Bangladesh, where till date no western or US establishments had come under attack of the Islamist terrorists.

It is good news indeed to note that the second largest Muslim nation is standing up against Islamist radicals. Should other nations, especially the Arabs follow this path? Bangladesh deserves international appreciation for its courageous stand against the radicals. This is no doubt, a very important and timely step to ensure global peace and eliminate Islamist terrorists, who are still getting strength in secrecy to make an offensive on innocent people in the global village.

Considering the above facts, US government should re-consider their decision to suspend Peace Corps activities in Bangladesh. Moreover, international community needs to extend support to Bangladesh in their ongoing anti Islamist radical operations.

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1 killed, another injured by 'friends' on vacation

1 killed, another injured by 'friends' on vacation
Later he was taken to Dhaka by his relatives, Sheikh Mahbubur Rahman, OC of Shreenagar police station, said. Arman's wife Rahima Begum said her husband left the house around noon for a trip with friends. But she could not say anything about motive of …
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Police superintendent sent to jail in bribery case
A Dhaka court yesterday sent a convicted police superintendant to jail in connection with a bribery case filed by SA Paribahan on November 20, 2003. Judge Basudev Roy of the Special Judge's Court 3 passed the order after the police official surrendered …
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Japanese foreign minister meets Bangladeshi counterpart
Visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and his Bangladeshi counterpart A.H. Mahmood Ali agreed in talks here Saturday to strengthen existing economic and trade relations and face the challenges of climate change. In the talks, Kishida …
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Rhee Sees Fishy Bangladeshi Like Spike As Anti-Reform Swarm
Did Michelle Rhee's education organization StudentsFirst buy thousands of Facebook "likes" from a click farm in Bangladesh? Opponents of Rhee's "Ed reform" group — which has spent big money on state legislative and local school board elections in …
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Bangladesh Recruiting Agency

Therein the respective manpower expert has to appear following plenty of perform for instance executive analysis, staffing and recruitment course of action, spend roll, keeping associate accounts, retaining likely prospects along with other necessary HR solutions. So, its an entire department in itself looking right after a really necessary part of a company.

Aside from, in the event you really are a candidate and trying to find a specialised or expert recruitment agency for your self then the parameter and expected operate is entirely various. Accordingly the choice process of the manpower recruitment marketing consultant differs in both the instances.

For an organization it is very essential to keep a record of the past performances of the recruitment firm, its experience, exposure, knowledge, area of specialization, marketing skills, timeliness, services and sectors it serve. For an aspiring professional or a candidate the factors to look upon while selecting a particular manpower consultant would be to keep an eye on the sectors the firm is dealing with, its ability to prioritize, matching skills, domain knowledge, organized HR practices, previous testimonials, etc.

A true recruiter knows their job and thus, put in their best efforts to meet the company’s requirement as well as support and grow a candidate’s career. The success of a recruitment agency is best reflected by the achievements of its clients and candidates. Following this evident mantra one can actually gain a great stand in the recruitment industry for itself.

Picking an enough recruitment company is really critical as it not only grows your career, enhances your identification and financial status for a candidate but also, contributes indirectly to the development and achievement of an organization by supplying them prospective and expert pros and managing their HR jobs. It is extremely clear that no firm can progress without the need of the committed and knowledge of its workers into their respective operate.

The situation is equivalent with the specialists as they demand an expert and reliable employer to greatly enhance their job. A manpower consultant assists them to do so. Thus, if you decide on an apt consultant no wonder you will grow to good results or else a mistaken choice of employment firm could at some point harm your line of enterprise.

Bangladesh recruiting agency recruitment is a complex task as it involves understanding a person well enough to know if he is suitable for a particular job opening. It involves a huge responsibility as it has to provide the right recruit to the company as well as ensure that the candidates have obtained the right opportunity. Today there are wide number of agencies that provide their services to companies for recruiting skilled personnel. Most of the companies are outsourcing recruitment services to agencies for easy and better results. The company benefits with the recruitment of efficient candidates as they contribute to the development of the company by increasing sales and profits.

With the growing usage of online directories for job openings, potential candidates find it easier to search for the right job. The recruitment agencies make use of these portals for posting ads of prospective job openings. Interested candidates can apply through these online portals and the agencies can recruit the suitable candidates for their clients.

Bangladesh Recruiting Agency

Latest Bangladeshi News

In Defence of the Underachiever
On the other hand, graduating from high school may bring about a bout of depression amongst the young men living in Bangladesh. This is because many of their friends go abroad for studies, while the said young men themselves have to stay in Bangladesh …
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US deports Bangladeshi
The United States has deported a man charged with attempting to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, when she was the Opposition leader. Najmul Maksud Murad, who led a team of assailants allegedly to kill Ms. Hasina, was deported to Bangladesh by the …
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Bangladeshi held with drugs
KUWAIT CITY, March 21: A Bangladeshi man has been arrested for possessing 100 grams of heroin and pushing drugs into the Central Prison with the help of an inmate, reports Al-Anba daily. The suspect and the contraband have been referred to the …
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